August 2014 FREE Meditation Livestream

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FREE Monthly Internet Meditation Livestream - TONIGHT at 7:00pm EST!
Meditate from the comfort of your own laptop, iPad or smartphone device.

Click the above video link to join me on Google Hangout On Air for a Group Guided Meditation and Reiki Share


Tonight's meditation will focus on letting go of emotions and stress by practicing the Tibetan Buddhist "Red Empty Body" meditation, which I personally learned from Tulku Lobsang.


This technique is very simple, yet effective mindfulness meditation that anyone can do - beginner or advanced! It's essential for empaths, lightworkers, healers, counselors and caregivers to know how to empty themselves of stress and emotion so you can feel calm from the inside, out and continue to help others without feeling drained or overburdened.


We will begin with a brief introduction, followed by setting intentions as a group for the meditation, then we will enter the guided meditation, and we will end with group discussion of our experiences.


Missed it? Don't worry! The replay will be available immediately after - just click play on the above video.


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