Love Letters | Self Care vs. Self Sabotage – Part 1 of 5

Have you ever felt helpless?

And did that experience warp your ability to trust yourself and others?

Concerned that you can't tell the difference between self-care and self-sabotage because of what happened to you?

Sometimes bad things happen to good people... I know.

Yet Source wants you to know that all things can - and do - work together to form greater good in our lives.

Watch this week's 11-minute Love Letter to hear my story of overcoming a very dark time in my life and how I healed from cycles of self-sabotage to embracing a lifestyle of self-care and healing.

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Love Letters | Spiritual Grounding – Part 4 of 4

Do you lack personal boundaries?

Feeling anxious and worried because you're afraid uncertain times?
Struggling to find clarity or make a decision because you don't know why you do what you do?

If so, chances are you are spiritually ungrounded.

Being spiritually ungrounded is a very complex and complicated issue, because it comes down to re-identifying of your core beliefs, desires and values.

Watch this weeks 13-minute love letter video to clear your spiritual energy and ground yourself.

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Love Letters | Emotional Grounding – Part 3 of 4

Feeling anxious and depressed?

Always putting yourself down, doubting and second-guessing yourself?

Can't seem to quiet your "mind-chatter" or "monkey-mind"?

If so, then these are signs that you're mentally and emotionally ungrounded.

But what do you do when your own worst enemy is in your head?

Watch this week's 10-minute love letter, which is the third of four video messages covering the power of Grounding for improving and maintaining the health of your empathic energy system.


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Love Letters | Physical Grounding – Part 2 of 4

Are your joints stiff and achey from sitting all day at the computer?

Been so busy taking care of business that you completely forgot to eat breakfast and/or lunch?

Feeling tired all the time?

These are signs that you are physically ungrounded.

It's time to clear out that stagnant energy and get you back in flow!

Watch this week's 11-minute love letter video, which is the second of a four part series on grounding.


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