Love Letters | Celebrate Yourself, Unapologetically – Part 3 of 5

Scared of sticking out from the crowd?

Do you put yourself down to make other people feel comfortable?

Lacking confidence, especially when introducing yourself others?

Sensitive empaths are often taught to put other people first, and to never brag because it’s rude.

But sometimes being able to celebrate yourself is essential, especially when introducing yourself and your business, to connect deeply and convey confidence to potential clients and partners.

Watch this week’s 11-minute love letter video, part 3 of our 5-week deep dive on living life Unapologetically, to learn exactly how to start celebrating how freakin’ awesome you are, even if you’re not used to it!

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Love Letters | Sorry Not Sorry – Part 2 of 5

Do you say “sorry” all the time?

Are you apologizing for everything, mindlessly and automatically?

Think that constantly apologizing makes you appear polite, safe or “nice” to others?

Because empaths like us are exceptionally tuned in to emotional energy — especially that of fear, shame and aggression — we can adopt saying “sorry” often to try and smooth over rough situations.

But for some of us, the very word “sorry” can warp in to an unconscious addiction to self-sabotage, if left unchecked.

Watch this week’s 10-minute Love Letter, the second installment in our 5-week series, to learn how to free yourself from “sorry” and shift your energy, now!

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