#BK2YS: Are You A Wounded Soldier of Love?

Be kind to your Self

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Are You A Wounded Soldier of Love?


"I'm in the front line of this battle of mine
But i'm still alive
I'm a soldier of love
Every day and night
I'm a soldier of love
All the days of my life
I've been torn up inside
I've been left behind
Tall I ride
I have the will to survive
In the wild, wild west
Trying my hardest
Doing my best to stay alive
I am love's soldier"
- Soldier of Love by Sade
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This song by Sade popped into my mind and I thought of You.

Do you ever feel that loving someone is a fight for you? Or that even the idea of opening to love again sounds like you're stepping willfully blindfolded into a minefield?

Perhaps in your marriage day in and day out you struggle to hide how you feel emotionally un-supported by your partner behind your commitment to your shared responsibilities, stuffing down that loneliness as best you can.
Or perhaps you are single and hiding high in the tower of your guarded heart, surrounded by cold stone walls built of frozen emotions from traumas of previous relationships.
At least they won't see how fragile you really are, the emotional baggage you secretly carry.

Know this: Don't hide. The only person you are hiding from is always Your Self. #BK2YS

You are not alone. Ever. Unless you choose to be. Deciding to hide how you feel, rather than confront and share your emotions, won't solve the problem that your feelings are trying to show you.Loneliness, mistrust and suspicion are all signals to a pattern in YOU that need healing.

Begin by admitting how you really feel to your self first, then do something to physically express the fullness of this emotion, such as journaling or painting or going for a run.

Don't hide in your heart; all the energy of unexpressed feelings and unprocessed emotions occupies space in there. If you don't move them out, how can someone else - or even your own authentic energy - move in?
In Love and Light,




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