Caroline Myss on The Wounded Healer Archetype

All Empaths Have The Wounded Healer Archetype.

"The [wounded] healer is someone who has been broken, so that they could be open. So that the people who come to them are treated with the soul instead of the mind - [they know that] pain is not just theory, it has to be felt. ...You are the Wounded Healer when you have gone through the experience of needing to heal yourself." - Caroline Myss, PhD

Wounds You Must Endure as The Wounded Healer:

  1. Betrayal
  2. Isolation
  3. Rape (Physical, Emotional, Energetic, Death of Loved Ones)
  4. Relationships - Misunderstanding and Rejection
  5. You As the Wound-Giver
  6. Unforgiveness and Vengefulness

Surviving and enduring these wounds transform and initiate the Wounded Healer - when seen through, this is the true path of the Shaman. You are the only one who can bring back and translate the healing knowledge you receive from these wounds or "Dark Gifts."

Do you have the Wounded Healer Archetype?

If you believe so, make sure you are connected to Divine Love so that you do not "fall on your sword" in the end as Dr. Myss explains at the end of the above video.

Recognize that Grace - Spirit, Source, The Energy - is the healing force that flows through you, rather than your ego. Our wounds can make us want to shake our stick and say "I deserve credit because I survived that!"

Quiet your mind, my Lightworker friend.

Give thanks for the honor of witnessing the healing. In you, your clients and your community.


Love and light,