Deep Dive Oceanside Retreat 🌊🌊🌊🌊

with Sensei Victoria Whitfield

💕 Do you desire to live a Visionary Life where it's normal for you receive deep rest, pleasure and abundance NOW?

💕 Do you intuitively know that you're done dabbling with your healing journey, and that you're finally ready to fully dive in to embracing your Natural Intuition?

💕 Looking to connect to and step in to BEING your most spiritually AND financially abundant self?


If so, then this 3-day immersion retreat experience is for you!🌈

It's time you started living a ✨ Visionary Life. ✨


In the Visionary Shaman Circle, we have a sacred practice called the Strategic Spa Day, where we regularly connect to pleasure and relaxation on purpose, to reset our precious bodies, receive inspiration and reactivate our Natural Intuition.

✨At the Deep Dive Retreat, you'll experience over 3 days straight of this sacred practice.✨

My intention is for you to reset your life so that at the end of our time together you will emerge at a whole new personal vibration, with a whole new empowered mindset, so that you'll be operating at a whole new level in life AND business.

Pay In Full Option

$1297 Earlybird Registration

Earlybird expires on May 16, 2018. Deadline for all registrations is July 3, 2018! 

3-Pay Option

3 Months of $497 Earlybird Registration

Earlybird 3-pay of 3 months of $497 expires on May 16, 2018. Deadline for all registrations is July 3rd, 2018!


Due* Amount
At checkout $497.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2) $497.00 USD
Total $1,491.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.

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Um, so how do exactly does One "RELAX" per se?

This immersion retreat is designed to show you how to and give you SPACE to consciously practice UNPLUGGING AND RELAXING DEEPER, so that you can open up to more abundance and ease in life.

However, you may have no idea wtf relaxing and luxuriating means, or what in the flying hell you "should" do to "successfully" have relaxed during your STRATEGIC DAILY FREE TIME!??

So, because I love my Type A's for AWESOME peeps (LOL), I've included a list of activities on precisely what to do and how to RELAX during daily free time to "beach and luxuriate" so you don't go in to freak out mode reading this right now... (you know I love youuuuu 😉


✨Walk in slow motion
✨Give yourself permission to slow down and relax, constantly
✨Pretend you are the Goddess of Effortelss Luxury for the day
✨Sit, recline and lounge on beach
✨Spend your time at minimum 80% listening, 20% talking
✨Feel your heart beat
✨Breathe in to your belly
✨Breathe in tune with the ocean waves
✨Read a sexy book, and DO NOT EXPLAIN YOURSELF
✨Tanning or napping in shade
✨Hour in-room massage (mandatory)
✨Oil / lotion your body twice daily
✨Shower just to feel the water flow over you
✨Savor nourishing, sensuous food
✨Soft flowing clothes
✨Aimless adventure walking
✨Unplugged intentionally for 4-hour minimum (no cellphone, tablet, laptop, tv, watch or radio)
✨Sporadic journal or sketches about inspiration as it strikes
✨Plan your next 3 personal vacations or spa schedule for the year
✨Hair and manipedi at a local salon
✨Leisurely retail therapy
✨Long walks on the beach or bay
✨Tell yourself a pleasure mantra constantly such as: "Oh yes" "Relax" or "Let it go"
✨Close your eyes and hum deeply to yourself
✨Imagine your body dissolving like warm butter from head to toe
✨Sleeping nude in your room
✨Adorn your hair and body with pretty jewels and things
✨Flirt with YOURSELF as if you were a hot and sexy guy (or goddess) hitting on you
✨Think of all the most loving, sensuous and luxurious experiences you've ever had in life and recount them in detail...
And, of course, this one will be on that list!

The setting for this year's retreat is the quaint and cozy Bentley Inn at Bay Head Beach, NJ. 🌊🌊

This quiet, cheerful 20-room Victorian bed and breakfast is nestled between the beach to the east and the bay to the west, offering sunrise and sunset views over the water. For more information and to reserve your room at the Inn, visit
🌊Water represents emotional healing *and* limitless abundance, so The Bentley Inn is the perfect location for our Tribe to convene and commune at very deep levels.🌊
💕The cozy Bentley Inn, which is a family-owned Bed and Breakfast for 3 nights, 3 days; Innkeeper requires 50% deposit at time of booking. Recommended check in is Sunday July 15 at 3:00pm EST, and recommended check out is Thursday July 19 at 11:00am EST.
💕Breakfast, wifi, beach badges and towels, outdoor shower, free parking and more are included with room reservations; GET 10% OFF your reservation by booking directly with The Bentley Inn here:
Alternative lodging can be found on, and we recommend selecting locations with a rating of an 8.0 or above:, and we recommend selecting locations with a rating of an 8.0 or above:
✨Let this retreat be your homecoming. Welcome home!✨


✅ Sunday Night Fresh Pressed Chakra Juicing Mixer at The Bentley Inn
✅ Daily Early Morning 2-Hour Oceanside Group Shamanic Journey on the Beach
✅ Breakfast at The Bentley Inn with Small Discussion Groups on Daily Theme:
--- Monday = Release
--- Tuesday = Receive
--- Wednesday = Be The Change
✅ One 60-Minute In-Room Massage
✅ MIDDAY FREE TIME TO BEACH and LUXURIATE - Spacious 4-hour daily breaks for deep rest, relaxation, journaling, wandering, tribal connection, pampering; lunch on your own
✅ Daily 3-Hour Afternoon Group Energywork and Grounding Circle at The Bentley Inn or On The Beach on:
--- Monday = Reiki Detox Attunement & Self Treatment Energywork Practice Session
--- Tuesday = Shamanic Journeying & Financial Feng Shui for Aligned Abundance Session
--- Wednesday = Visionary Vortex Lifestyle and Vibratory State Mastery Strategy Session
✅ Abundance Gift Basket Full of High-Vibe Healing Goodies Curated by Victoria
✅ Private Deep Dive 2017 Facebook Group
✅ Ample time for sun worship, deep rest, spacious relaxation and connection with your Tribe



✖️ Lodging at The Bentley Inn
✖️ Lunch and dinner each day
✖️ Transportation



💕 This Retreat Is Intentionally Unplugged - Cellphones and all electronics will be required to be surrendered to The Bucketmonger 😈🔥 and locked away during retreat sessions; outside of sessions it is recommended to remain unplugged for your deepest rejuvenation but you will allowed to request your cellphone from the Bucketmonger 😈🔥 outside of session at your own risk!
💕 Dresscode - Effortless ocean spa goddess, comfortably wealthy divine feminine healer, relaxed queen of everything; dress for YOUR pleasure and wear what YOU LOVE and that's meaningful to you. And for goodness's sake bring a bathing suit and flip flops!!!
💕 Don't forget to bring: your sacred journal and magickal pen, scarf or eye cover for meditation, toothbrush
💕 Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. Please note that this retreat is not handicap accessible, as there are stairs in the inn and leading to the beach.
💕 Open-minded and deeply spiritual spouses, friends, family or business partners are welcome, and are registered under separate Retreat Admission Guest Fee of Earlybird $497/per guest until May 15 or Tardybird $797/per guest until July 3. This retreat is NOT for children or pets; please arrange for babysitters. Also, this retreat is NOT for people new to spiritual development or meditation - the topics are advanced and the work is deep. Space is VERY limited, so make sure to register early.



We will honor the start times each day, and end on time on Wednesday at 6:30pm, but be aware that The Goddess may shift some of our timeframes as the group finds our flow together the day of the actual retreat.


🌈 SUNDAY 6:00pm Welcome Fresh Juice Mixer
🌈 7:00-8:30am Tribewide Group Morning Oceanside Shamanic Journey Meditation Circle on The Beach
🌈 8:45/9:00-10:00am Breakfast at The Bentley and Begin Small Group Sharing
🌈 10:30am-12:30pm Oceanside Journey Journal Group Discussion in Small Groups OR Solo Deep Rest
🌈 12:30-2:30pm Lunch and Luxuriating On Your Own
🌈 3:30-6:30pm Tribewide Group Reflections and Energywork Circle at The Bentley
🌈 7:00-9:00pm Dinner Together
🌈 10:00pm-6:00am Quiet Hours for Deep Rest


Earlybird pricing available until May 15 (locked in for Visionary Shaman Circle Members)

🌈 $1297 Earlybird Payment In Full

🌈 $497 x 3 Earlybird Easy 3-Pay Payment Plan


Tardybird pricing starts May 16 until July 3 deadline

$1500 Tardybird Payment In Full

$597 x 3 Tardybird Easy 3-Pay Payment Plan


🌈Retreat Admission Payment: Credit card available. Checks preferred. Checks are made out to "Victoria Whitfield LLC", image scanned to, and then mailed to "Sensei Victoria Whitfield, Attn: Deep Dive Retreat 2017, 922 South Avenue West, First Floor, Westfield NJ 07090"
🌈Make sure to send us your room information asap so we know where to book your massage and send your gift basket.


Can't wait to share this high vibrational experience with you. It's my very first 3-day retreat, and it will be an honor to have you there!