Expert Shares @ The Dojo

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Hear Jo-Anne's story of how she lost over 30lbs, and transitioned off medication through changing her mindset, her behavior and embracing her passion for herbalism and energywork. Join us to learn how you can raise the vibration of your life using some of her field-tested tips and tricks, too!

Jo-Anne is a Certified Herbalist, avid gardener, and has been attending group meditations, group retreats and private sessions with Sensei Victoria Whitfield at The Dojo since it was founded over 3 years ago.

Do You Want MORE Hair? More shine, bounce, thickness, more full hair... Robin Scott will shares her story about her experience of and expertise in natural solutions for reversing women's hair loss, and how to heal your own life through your hair.

Robin is a Reiki Level II practitioner, natural empath and has been in the hair industry for 40 years. She has been attending regular group meditation, retreats and private healing sessions at The Dojo with Sensei Victoria for over 2 years.

Karen Carlough shares her story of building her full time Reiki and Massage practice. She talks about how sharing Reiki brings new joy to her life and how rewarding it is to see the impact she can have on people's stress reduction. Karen is now taking private clients as a member of the co-op at The Dojo, and is receiving private mentorship with Sensei Victoria Whitfield in Reiki Mastery and Soul-Aligned Business Development.


Contact Karen about Reiki and Massage, email: