Love Letters | Have You Let Yourself Go? #MLMM

Have You Let Yourself Go?

Do you feel like you're falling apart?

Worried that something is "off" or that you're in a "funk" these days?

Struggling to get work or attract new customers and clients?

There's nothing wrong with you - you just need to show yourself More Love.

One way you can shift your energy back into flow and alignment is by re-committing to taking care of yourself, first.

Watch the above video to learn how to tell if you have let yourself go, and what you can do about it.


Lack of self-care.

This week's topic presents us a hidden cause behind a lack of abundance in our lives.

Feeling like you're coming apart at the seams is a symptom of a greater issue, and that is lack of self-care, which is how your demonstrate that you love yourself, to yourself.

When we drop our self-care routine, or don't even have one to begin with, we self-sabotage ourselves energetically; Spirit sees this as us turning down or even discouraging the flow of abundance.

Here's the thing: in order to receive abundance of anything - love, money, customers, health - we need to be a good container for it.

For example, if you try to pour tea into a cracked cup, it can only take so much water before it breaks open and causes a mess.

The cup couldn't handle the tea, so it broke.

Now, what if you were the cup and the universe was trying to fill you - with love, abundance, a better home or job?

What I mean is, can you honestly say that you're being a good container for abundance - as in, would you be able to handle making $2 million dollars a year, or can you only handle $30 or $50,000?

Know this: It's ok to be honest - you don't have to be perfect; all you have to be is honest. #MLMM

But the point is to notice if you are just remaining comfortable as a cracked and broken container, or making sure you are in a constant state of repair, expansion and improvement.

It all comes down to this: if you want more money for yourself, you need to show yourself more love in the form of self-care.

What does that mean?

Self-care means that you invest in yourself - and that doesn't necessarily mean with dollars and cents. In fact, the very first and most crucial way that you can invest in yourself is with your TIME - using it consciously, and honoring your own boundaries.

Watch this week’s video for the Oracle Card of the Week, which shows exactly how to get started with your self-care!


In Love and Light,

Clear your personal space, and make room to receive more abundance.


Whether it's cleaning house or clearing your head, give yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted de-cluttering time, and have at it!


Notice how you feel at that moment – you’re already healing!


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