Love Letters | Dealing with Cell Phone Energy – Part 2 of 2

Addicted to your cell phone, and terrified of dropping or losing it?

Feeling emotionally disconnected from others lately because you're so dependent upon your cellphone, laptop or tablet?

Worried that technology is affecting your health negatively, and wish there was something you could do about it?

Wireless technology is shifting the way that we communicate with others and our world.

This shift, however, also affects our spiritual and emotional energy in both positive and negative ways.

Watch the above 14-minute video to learn positive strategies for dealing with this energy shift!


"If I can't talk to someone in person, I will favor phone calls to ground my communication." 

If you are feeling a sense of emotional disconnect, it may be because your smartphone and all of your wireless technology is shifting the way that you communicate to feel more ungrounded.

One way that you can begin to start grounding that is by favoring phone calls and video calls over messages, if you can't of course be in person with them. 

For example, my sister-in-law she is in China right now. Taking that trip to connect with her would be fun, but I have to be here with you guys for now to take care of what's over here.

However, I have been Skyping with her -- being able to hear her voice and see how she's doing grounds and reunites the heart connection that we have.

Video calls are multi-sensory, and this grounds the communication and relationship because you're able to hear their voice, see and empathically feel in body and sense their truth in their expressions; it facilitates tuning into the fineness of the energy that the person is trying to relay to you.

So, as a rule of thumb, if someone texts you, "I hate you," call them.

Texting to break up by the way is unacceptable. It's a very cowardly move because texting is a way of emotionally putting buffering.

Texting is buffering because you're avoiding exposure to that person's real energy.

This has happened to me years ago, and I can tell you that the person did that because he knows I have a lot of sensitive energy. If he would have done that in person, it wouldn't have happened, or if it had to, he would have felt the pang of the breakup thinking, "Oh my God," which is what it's supposed to be like!

But our culture has been shifting away from feeling connections because of the existence of technology facilitating it; all this convenience, this technological convenience and innovation is shifting the way that we talk and how we experience intimacy.

We don't have to experience intimacy anymore -- or there is a presuming, an overwhelming presumption and assumption that is spreading through not just the country, but in fact most of the world now.

Even the third world countries have exposure to and have possession of cell phones and wireless technology, so all of the world's communication is beginning to shift.

Spirit is saying the human race's energy is being lifting up and out of the body, away from heart connections and into head/mental connections, which can of course create a lack of interpersonal emotional bonding and understanding.

Also then there are the physical manifestations of the overabundance of mental energy, such as: headaches, eye aches, inner ear ringing in the ears, vertigo, in a sense of imbalance, confusion, apathy, mental illness, autism, ADHD, chronic colds and influenza...

All these mental dis-eases are due to congested mental energy.

This is not to say that this is all evil, the world is going to pot and you need to go wild and live in the jungle. No, no.

As much as I love reading about conspiracy theories and all that from time to time, I don't think it's cool at all because it's fear-based and quite negative.

We are not saying that it's the end of the world and you're powerless. Instead Source is saying we need to take an active role now.

Source is saying you have to take charge of this shift upward in your energy to bring it down into your heart again.

You need to take personal responsibility for intentionally having heart centered modes of communication.

That is why, by the way, these love letters are video love letters: so that you can see me and feel my energy as much as possible as I'm sending it through the internet inter-dimensionally to you.

And I get emails all the time, or my students come in to The Dojo and tell me, "Oh my God, I was watching your Love Letter and I was getting the chills" or "It freaked me out because I'm like, 'Get out of my head, get out of my life!' because you're so spot on."

For the record: No, I won't get out! LOL! I'm only here to send you love, that's why I won't go away. 😉

But that's why these are video love letters, and will continue to be so. The first love letters I started sending to the Tribe for that first whole year or half of that year were all written, with pictures and stuff like that.

But not until we started doing this in video did the list of tribe start to really expand or did we really start to have more active feedback coming from everyone.

Know this: #Video is a form of #heart-centered, electronic #communication because it's multi-sensory. It allows others to #feel you.

Texting instead is a separator. It creates boundaries, it helps keeps things more in control. That does have its place.

We are not demonizing it, that's not necessary.

To all of those of you out there who have the all or nothing mindset and who are thinking, "All right, I'm going to put down texting and messaging. I'm never going to do text again," or "I'm never going to send text again. I'm only going to send videos or Snapchats," RELAX!

It's not about all or nothing; it's about balance and making conscious choices.

If that's you by the way, I'm sending you love! 🙂

Life is not a seesaw, relax.

With that, the Oracle card for the week that decided to come through, is the deck "Talking to Heaven" -- this is Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh coming together to create a mediumship Oracle card deck, specifically for those of us who have lost someone.

Earlier today I was really deeply communicating with my deceased grandmother, so this is a great healing deck for those of us who have lost people to being "more than alive."

Mediumship and wireless technology are both forms of non-physical communication.

It's a great deck that is coming through just in time, and this card wanted to weigh in on this topic in particular:

"Believe in yourself, you can do it."

Beautiful, simple, motivational.

First thing that I am hearing in the energy, is that it's hard to go against the stream.

The trend -- and it's very trendy -- is to go with the technology, to be more predominantly text based, to be more predominantly internet based in the way that we relate to people.

It takes intention, commitment and focus to pull back, ground and say, "You know what, I want to live a human life. I'm a human, not a machine," and have that as your mantra.

Having that mantra as an affimation and a motivation in your heart, pulling back and saying, "No, I want to have more grounded, more human communication" takes courage.

You can do it. You've got to believe in yourself.

So many times we lose faith and trust in ourselves, thinking, "Oh, here we go, I can't keep up with this person" or "I've failed in the past so I don't feel like I could be reliable and change now," but YES, you actually can. 

"From my heavenly vantage point, I can see and understand everything so much more clearly now." This is the voice of wisdom, coming from those who have passed on to being more than alive.

They are weighing in on our conversation about grounded communication, here.

"I can see that you and I never had anything to be afraid of. The only thing that was ever standing in our way was fear about the future. Yet now I realize that you and I create our own future, so I am urging you to go forward with all of your heartfelt dreams, leave nothing to chance. I believe in you because I love you, but also because I can see that nothing is stopping you, unless you believe it is. I will be with you every step of the way."

I feel very emotional because as I read this, I can hear my grandmother's voice.

She was super motivational. She was just the happiest, silliest, most direct and strong woman. My goodness, I love her! Oh my goodness! Feel that love and encouragement instead of the FEAR.

Ungrounded communication is fueled by a spirit of fear.

It fosters a fear of experiencing others emotions, but you have nothing to be afraid of.

Believe it not, the more you experience someone, even in a very emotional state, in their anger, in their grief, in their ecstasy, in their boredom, or their frustration or their disappointments, all that emotional energy, the more you just walk right into it and embody that, feel that entirely, the simpler and more clear life is.

It is so much easier than throwing away 3 hours trying to have text fights. Or being at dinner with your loved ones and they see you on your phone -- you're not having dinner with me, you are at dinner with my phone.

No, phones are not just a distraction. Someone in the Energy is saying it's a coping mechanism.

They are showing me images of pacifiers, as if we are sucking to distract and cope, and avoid emotion. It's inhumane.

You can handle it. Believe in yourself.

You're not going to fall apart, and even if you do, falling apart is absolutely beautiful, it's natural.

Trees get knocked down my thunderstorms all the time. But guess what? They go down and then it's done, they become dirt, and then they grow something new because of their downfall.

Be kind to yourself.

You don't have be afraid of talking to your sister, even if it's been 20-30 years.

You don't have to be afraid of talking to your children and them rebelling against you speaking to them in that way, because you're experiencing each other.

Allow the mess. Let it happen and believe that you can.

Grandma is saying, "Baby, you got this. You got this!"

In Love and Light,



Just for Today...

The next time you read a text, email or message from a loved one, read it and then close your eyes to see if you can picture where you feel their message in your body.

If it's up by your head, neck, shoulders, or out in your arms or hands, try to visualize it moving into your heart or your stomach.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!


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