Love Letters | Don’t Play Hard – Part 2 of 4

Do you work hard and play hard?

And when you do, do you tend to overdo both?

Feeling annoyed that you work hard all the time and find yourself having less and less fun in life?

It seems that the minute we become adults that play loses its status as top-priority in day-to-day life.

We are told that play is silly, irresponsible and a waste of time, and somehow we believe it.

Watch this week’s 10-minute Love Letter video, the second in our 4-week series on your daily PRP’s, to shift your mindset to be play-positive and bring back the joy and fun in your life!

"I've lost my sense of adventure."

This is week two of four of our deep dive into PRPs, your daily PRPs.

Last week we defined exactly what is a PRP and why do you need it. We always start with why. If you have no idea what happened, stop now and go back. Go back and watch the previous video.

You can find it on YouTube or on my blog. The link should be somewhere, wherever you clicked. With that being said, this week let's talk about the first of that acronym, PRP.

So the first word in that is play. What the guides want you to know this week is that you've got to shift your mindset around play. It's time for you to shift your mindset around play. Often we are taught to work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard. Right?

That's even a chant sometimes, or even in a Nike video, or something like that, some other marketing, work hard, play hard. It's seen as strong and outgoing and fitnessy to work hard and play hard.

What does that end up looking like in our lives? So we're working, playing, working, playing, working, playing.

Where we're going, going, going in one direction, and then going, going, going in another. So that, in both directions, whether we're working or we're playing, we're going hard and we're over doing it.

That is not natural, first and foremost, you gotta hear this. And also that is not compassionate. Lastly, it's not sustainable.

So, it's time for you to shift your mindset around how you play, instead of working hard and playing hard, this week in particular, and forever more going forward, let's commit to working smart and playing smart. You may have heard before, "Don't work hard, work smart." But, have you also heard, "Don't play hard, play smart," right?

The two go together. In nature you never see a plant or an animal or any type of weather pattern, et cetera producing everything it could possibly do, and then dive. Right? Or completely crashing and burning. There is balance.


‪Know this: ‪‪“Work hard, play hard” is not natural, compassionate or sustainable. Shift your #mindset to work smart AND play smart, every day.


Think of ocean waves, there is a constant ebb and flow, and because of that there is perpetual motion of the waves washing on the shore. There are seasons, cycles of energy, cycles of temperature, and weather, et cetera that allows for life to perpetuate. There are life cycles where it's a constant.

Your breath is going in and going out, if you only exhaled, what happens? That's what happens. Right?

That is not natural. And that is not compassionate, and that is not sustainable. So we want you to shift your mindset around how you play. So, working smart, you're a smart cookie, I'm sure you're already working smarter.

Right? You've got life hacks going, you may have hired people or are in the process of looking for people to help you out with texts.

You've got your kids, they cook and they wash clothes. You're working smart, great. Let's turn it up another notch and get you playing smart. So what would that look like? This is a two way conversation, I'm not just teaching at you. Right? This is for your inspiration. Some examples, and I want you to post below, how do you play smart?

For this week in particular, I would highly recommend that you intersperse play throughout your day. How can you make your morning and evening commute more playful? How can you add more playful elements to your work space, or even to your meetings?

How can you add more playful elements to your home life and your personal spaces, or your interactions with your friends? How can you bring play in?

For some people that's enjoying toys. Just bringing in something silly, like a slinky and leaving it on your desk at work for people to play with while their talking to you. Right? Or it could be a funny game that you play with your family. It could be enjoying exercise and movement in the middle of the day. Have recess when you go for lunch. Right? Or, listening to comedy as you drive to and from work.

Here's the thing. Remember what we said the first week, reason why we're doing this is so that you have stamina for the marathon of life, stamina for the marathon of pursuing and living your passion and purpose. So, the more play that you integrate throughout the day, the lower your crankiness and resentfulness about going and doing your day to day work will be, because you're having fun.

That's your challenge for this week. How can you integrate more play? I don't care how old you are or how crusty, crunchy, crotchety, crumply, you are, all the crunchy sounds. I don't care, figure it out. You deserve to play and enjoy every day, rather than once in a blue moon, have some fun.

Know every single day there can be play. How can you integrate more playfulness into your wardrobe, into your marketing materials? To all my entrepreneurs. How can you integrate more playfulness into your day to day life as an essential vitamin, an essential mineral in your daily diet?

The oracle cards for the week? The romance angels oracle cards deck. Angels, what do we need to know right now about playing? Positive playfulness. Playing smart.

Oh la la. Oh la la. Passion. Something's throbbing, oh my. Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy. Passion, this is where we're going to leave off for the week.

If your relationship with yourself, yourself first, has lost the fire and the flame and the sparkle, the sense of fun and adventure that you used to have, that creative inspiration or sparkle, if you lost your passion or your mojo, or your juice, however you say it, if you've lost your passion, here's how you start. Here's how you start. Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy. Allow yourself to insert more joy into your day to day.

How are you going to do it? Comment below. Send me an email back. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube so that you get these love letters first, every week. I'm so excited to see how you play. All right we'll see you next week. Bye.

Just for Today...

Intersperse more play and playfulness throughout your day at work, at home and in your commutes.

Make it a point to do activities and listen to things that are fun and make you laugh.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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