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Do you notice that heavy, negative news reports are killing your mood more often?

Annoyed, yet sucked in by all the stories and updates in your Facebook feed?

Struggling to deal with the constant barrage of emails, texts and push notifications on your phone?

It has been said that "you are what you eat" – our bodies reflect our nutritional diet.

And the same goes for our mindset; what goes into your mind affects how you feel.

Watch this week's 10-minute Love Letter video to get started on your information diet and detox your mind!

"What am I putting into my head?"

This week, Source is saying that you need to go on a diet. Not a food diet, no; but actually an information diet. Let me explain.

Maybe recently, have you noticed that there's more and more reports about negative news? Maybe you've been hearing more drama stories at work, or with your friends, or maybe; have you been reading a book that's like really emotional and dramatic and intense.

At the same time, have you noticed that you've been feeling a little bit more anxious, frustrated, annoyed, sad, or even depressed? Maybe even restless or really angry recently.

The two are related.

This is what the Guides of alien 220w vape want you to know this week, is that the information that you take into you, affects you, the same way that if you eat a certain diet, that let's say, is not in alignment with your best health.

Whatever that means for you; your feelings, your physical feelings in your body, such as in your joints or in your belly, or in your chest, or in your sinus, will be affected. Your body lets you know that what you put into her, has an affect on her.

In a dramatic sense, if you drink something that you shouldn't have, or if you eat some bad food, she'll let you know by bringing it back up and out, all right, because that's what your body does to respect yourself; or chemo receptive sense, pushes the bad chemicals or the negative energy out of her when we're at above the level of tolerance.

The same happens with your mind.

This weekend particular, you need to watch,  "What am I putting into my head?"

Do you notice maybe in your Facebook or Twitter feed there's all these really annoying people, or really heavy news reports, or maybe you've been watching a certain TV or movie series, that really is just violent or intense?

If you've been putting information into you that is of a lower vibration, it has an effect on your mind set and on your emotions.


Know this: Negative news doesn't produce a positive mindset. It's time for an information diet. #freeyourself @SenseiWhitfield


So this week in particular, just become mindful of what you're putting in. Go on an information diet.

As we're speaking right now, the energy is saying you know exactly what to watch out for.

You know exactly which information channels; maybe it's the news, maybe it's the Facebook feed, maybe it's the Twitter feed, maybe it's that's website that you always go to look up stuff, or maybe it's that one person who you always ask, "What's going on with so-and-so?"

Be kind to yourself this week in particular by watching your information diet; that's the way you're going to be kind to yourself this week in particular, and I'm hearing the oracle cards calling in the energy to way in on this subject.

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue, one of many, of course, decks here, we're always receiving donations if you'd like to send them.

When I asked our library of oracle cards, it was this deck in particular that stepped forward and said, "We can contribute something really powerful this week in particular."

Angels what do we need to know right now about going on an information diet? Is there something under neath what we've been experiencing? I feel this card coming through ... "Mother Mary."

Mother Mary ... In the energy, I'm hearing that she has to do a lot with protection, gentleness and compassion. Not only for others, but also for ourselves. They're telling me to read also the entry in particular so let's check this out together.

"Known as the Queen of Angels, Mother Mary is the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion. This card calls for you to look at the people in your life, as well as yourself, with the same love. Mother Mary can help you embrace your gifts and talents and honor yourself in every moment. Sometimes called the divine nurturer, she reminds you to be proud of how far you've come in this life time, and encourages you to keep moving forward."

The guides are telling me to stop right there for a moment. When we go on a diet, it's not just about limitation, but it's also about adding in things that are better, right?

The guides are saying limit the negative input, increase the positive input - such as with appreciation.

Look at all the incredible things that you've accomplished lately. Think about the last year of your life, how much have you gotten done? Especially things that you thought would've never been possible, right?

If I would pause for a moment, and appreciate and acknowledge what I've done, "Oh my gosh" in the last year:

  • I have a brand new dojo
  • I'm going on a national tour
  • I've secured several international tour dates
  • I've celebrated my 30th birthday
  • I've maintained my health
  • I've created new and wonderful deepened relationships with my family
  • I now know hundreds and hundreds of people personally, and have touched hundreds of lives.

If I were to appreciate what I've done in the last year, I'd run out of time on this video.

I need you to do that for yourself this week. This is what the guides are telling me to relay to you.

"Mother Mary protects, guides, and supports all children, including Indigo Children. Indigo Children are those that are highly intuitive, perceptive and sensitive. She also helps you to help other children.Call upon Mother Mary to open your heart and make you aware of what a blessing you are to this planet."

Someone just got a chill, I felt that in the energy. You're purpose is to help children in this life time because of what happened to you as a child. (If that's you, send me an email back, really curious to hear who that's for.)

This is where we'll leave off.

You're going on an information diet, not because you want to shut other people out, but instead you want to tune into who you really are.

You know, you barely have enough energy to manage your own life, and manage your own self. Be kind to yourself and focus on the positive this week in particular.

Try it out, 7 days; if, you know, it all goes to hell then you only did it for 7 days and then you're free. I'm sure you're going to like how it feels to have unplugged from those negative influences.

Send me an email back, comment below. Let me know, what are you going to do for your information diet. What do you feel has been influencing, or who do you feel has been influencing how you feel lately? I'd love to hear what your story is.

My email is If you're watching on YouTube make sure that you hit that subscribe button so that you get your love letters first. We will see you next week. Bye!

In Love and Light,


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