Love Letters | It’s Not About You

Do you think that you're not good enough?

Thought that you'd be further ahead in life than you are right now?

Going through a difficult time of arguments and disagreements?

When the going gets tough, our knee-jerk reaction can often be to think "why me?" or "what's wrong with me?"

Believe it or not, no matter how ugly it gets, Source says you need to remember that it's not about "me", instead it's about "we".

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"What is wrong with me?"

This week, you must know that it is not about you.

It's not about you. It never has been, it never will be, so from this point forward in time, you have got to stop taking it so seriously.

They told me, be more specific. You have got to stop taking him so seriously. You've got to stop taking her and what she does in her life and in her business, so personally, because it's not about you. It never has been, and it never will be.

Now perhaps someone has really been getting under your skin lately, or they've been throwing their anger your way, or getting very emotional, and clogging up your joy with all of their crusty crap.

Perhaps they talk stuff about you, or hating. (I don't really believe in hating.) But perhaps you feel like you may be getting hated on, or people writing smear stuff about you.

There's this insidious, internal, pre-programmed response that we have, unfortunately, to these interactions of: 

  • "What did I do to deserve this?"
  • "What's wrong with me, that I can't get ahead, like so-and-so?"
  • "What's wrong with me, that I am not married, yet?"
  • "What's wrong with me, that I can't have kids?"
  • "What's wrong with me, that I'm not financially stable?"

Our ego turns us in on ourselves, because she's actually trying to protect you from stepping out when you're feeling vulnerable.

The reason why she brings you inward, blaming inward, "What's wrong with me? There's something wrong with me," taking everything outside of us, personally or very seriously, turning it inward, is a way, a shadow way, a dark way of centering you. Let me explain.

It's never been about you. Someone says, "You're doing this and the other thing, and I can't believe that this ..." They're throwing all that drama around and on you. That's actually them and their stuff.

If someone comments on your posts, and craps all over your sunshine parade, that is their problem. It's nothing that you did.

Maybe you did drop the ball. I just heard in the energy, perhaps you might have said something offensive, etc., but everyone chooses how to react, and how to respond to life.

That's their choice. It's on them. You don't have to take responsibility for how they feel.

You do need to own up to who you are and how you show up in this world, absolutely. Clean it up, if you made a mess. That's your mess, but you made that.

Whereas, if someone else makes a mess and starts blabbing about it or spewing all over you about it, that's their stuff.

I really don't know why the guides are having me say this in particular, this week. I know that I'm talking to someone, so I'm going to keep going with it, but this week, it's not about you.

Your business, by the way, if you're an entrepreneur, and you're thinking to yourself:

  • "Why aren't I doing any better?"
  • "Maybe I need to implement more, work harder."
  • "Why don't people like me?"
  • "Why isn't so-and-so buying in?"

It's not about you. Come out of the ego cave and cage.

The shadow side of centering is reinforcing an identity, so that you can feel and create a sense of stability in your personal ... no, put it that way. The ego she'll bring you in, and be like, something that I did.

Whereas, this is about me, or what's wrong with me? Come out of that cave. There's more outside.

Instead, to flip that, where we're feeling not good enough, it's time to give more. There's so much more love, so much more value, so much more creativity and insight that you're capable of giving. It's about serving.

Tony Robins, I love his quote. "The secret to living is giving absolutely." That's the way to come out of an ego cave.


Know this: If you're not feeling "good enough," then give more to those less fortunate. Focus on WE, not me.


The guides are telling me to pull an Oracle card now. The deck that came forward in this week, is the crystal Oracle cards, in particular, to really weigh in on the topic of this situation.

It's really not about you. It's not about me. It's we. This week, in particular.

Someone just said, pull this card. Amber.

Look at how gorgeous. I love this deck, because it's all pictures. Juicy, juicy amber shot. They're telling me to read.

The words that they've associated with Amber are transparency, calm, purification, and creativity. Here's the reading: "An issue that is causing tension and friction in your life will soon erupt and come to a head."

I'm starting to get the chills. "You are being urged to stay calm during this emotionally-charged event. Express how you feel, but don't be drawn into saying things that you don't mean. This event is, in fact, a blessing. One that is perhaps well overdue."

You can't make this stuff up, people. This is amazing.

"Through it, you will realize where you stand, and how others truly feel. As the air clears, you will uncover a hidden agenda and find creative ways of handling this type of situation in the future. Stay calm, and don't allow yourself to be dragged further into chaos by others. You will emerge from this situation, feeling purified of all the negative emotions and thoughts that have weighted you down recently. Trust and remember it. This event is a blessing."

Here's where we're going to leave off.

Whatever disagreement, argument, or provocative conversation you are about to have this week, remember, it's not about me. This is about we.

Look for the lesson. There's always a dark gift, especially in difficult situations. They always teach us.

Keep your eyes open for the gift. Stay focused on the we. Don't be pulled into that ego cave.

Send me an email back. Comment below. Let me know what's coming up for you around this.

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Sending you so much love. I'll see you next week. Bye.

In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Look for the love and learning in a difficult conversation or argument.

See the difference and disagreement from a third party perspective, considering the pros and cons of the opinions of everyone involved.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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