Love Letters | Move Your Zero

Stuck in a rut? 

Tired of feeling drained when you go out?

Wishing peace, ease and joy were your normal?

Being highly sensitive makes you more susceptible to the emotions and energies in your environment.

But is there a way to shift out of absorbing others' energetic "cooties" all the time?

Watch this week's 9-minute Love Letter to take your power back by moving your zero!


"I might look bored, but I don't feel that way!"

This week, Source is calling for you to move your zero.

Raise it. It's time for you to raise your zero. This week in particular.

Now, the guides say that whenever you're watching this, doesn't matter what time or day that you are watching this, but this week that you are experiencing is going to be rather emotionally charged for you. You're going to be around a lot of people who have a lot of emotional energy for some reason.

You're going to be feeling a lot of emotional energy yourself this week in particular. Whenever you're watching this video, doesn't matter when, right, but this is a time of high emotional energy.

How you show up during these times of high emotional energy determines how you experience these times.

Now it doesn't mean that life is always intense and it's hard. Maybe you did your protect yourself. No, no, no, no. This is more about raising your awareness of how you show up to your life during high emotional times in your life.

The guides say you clicked play on this video in particular because it's going to be one of those weeks.

Whether it's high emotion like on the joyful end of the spectrum, or a high emotion on the crusty crabby side of the spectrum.

What matters most is how you feel. What matters most is how you feel. That doesn't mean being selfish but instead we want to emphasize and capitalize the word how. What matters most is how you feel so how you show up is determined by how or the generation behind, the techniques behind your feelings.


Know this: What matters most is HOW you feel. How you show up determines your quality of life.


With that everybody has a set point, a zero, that they show up naturally to life with. Maybe your zero facial expression is bored, flat, relaxed. You may feel inwardly that yeah I feel relaxed.

As I relax all the muscles of my face yes, but what that also projects however, is a I'm not trying. I'm not trying. I'm not on. I'm not generating right now and that's perfectly fine.

What matters most is how you are feeling in that relaxed face or zero point mindset. Are you in that moment resting yourself and being at ease at your zero because you feel peaceful or because you don't care?

Or are you resting all the muscles of your face because you feel pleasured in different parts of your body and you're focusing on those pleasurable spaces? Or are you in pain and you just want to numb yourself, right?

What matters most is how you feel. Find your zero wherever your vibrational set point is, your normal and raise it. Move your zero up the scale so that zero would be where maybe a two is instead.

Maybe a two is the sense of there's a slight smile and a lifted eyebrow if you saw the difference, right? Zero before. Zero now. Right? There's a slight difference there.

When we move our zero physiologically that also has psychological effect on how we show up.

This is going to come in really handy this week in particular because you're going to be surrounded by people who their normal and their vibrational set point is low, worried, angry, walls up or it could be intense or controlling or needy.

Just high emotion, like strong emotionally charged or pleasing. Pleasing is their normal. Whoa.

For you, you've got to move your zero to a space of power no matter where you're at.

This is actually an advanced form of self-protection so my guides are saying, "Pull a card Victoria." Pull a card.

You may recognize all of these techniques from a former love letter but guides say it's important for you to be reminded do it again. Do it more. Turn up the volume on where your zero point is this week in particular.

The oracle cards for the week are the Archangel Michael. Oracle cards deck.

What do we need to know Archangel Michael about moving our zero?

Your children are watched over by the angels.

I'm getting this feeling of deja vu. It's interesting. The prayer on the card is, "Dear Guardian Angels of my children born and unborn. Thank you for watching over my children and ensuring their happiness and safety. Please guide me so that I know the best ways to be a good parent and role model for my own and other people's children."

This is where we're going to leave off this week.

If you are a parent, yes it's important for you to know that your children are safe and it's for you to move your normal of your zero set point around your children and what you think about them from being worried, concern and following to trusting at ease.

Moving from worried, concern, controlling to trust and at ease. Try to move your zero. See if you can. Just experiment. Just this week in particular.

If you don't have children, this is more about either your inner child or your projects, right? Your business projects. Your social projects.

Things that you're working on and have created out in life. Know that you don't have to be on worry, control, concern with your inner child and feeling safe personally or worry, control, concern on your business or the projects that you're working on professionally or socially but instead move to trust, belief and at ease.

See how this week in particular what it feels like to move your zero. What is your expectation? How do you rest this week? Move it.

Just see if you can move it because when you shift the foundation of all your feelings and your emotions, right, you lift the foundation of the entire house, right? The entire structure of who you are shifts if you start from your zero set point.

Send me an email back. Comment below. Tell me what's coming up for you around this.

Is this right on time?

Do you have more questions? Make sure you subscribe on YouTube so that you get your Love Letters first every week and I'll see you next time. Bye. 

In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Move your zero up a notch or two.

Try out changing how you feel when you're at rest from neutral-bored to neutral-humorous or neutral-observational.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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