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Moving On Is A Mindset

moving on is a mindset

Are you too afraid to move on because you feel like you're betraying or losing someone?

Holding on to a relationship, business or idea that is gone or doesn't serve you anymore because it's all you've ever known?

Allowing yourself to be emotionally and spiritually drained by someone you love just so you can keep the peace?

If you said "Yes! That's me!" then Spirit is sending you an opportunity to shift your mindset in a BIG way this year.

In fact, if you can uplevel your mindset around moving on in honesty and in love, you can and will attract More Love and More Money into your life.

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"Out with the old, in with the new" sounds deceptively simple.

In practice, it is much more complicated. Especially when it comes to relationships.

We keep investing and investing, hoping the person will catch up and realize how much we mean to them... And then...

You eventually stumble upon a moment of clarity where you catch yourself still giving your love, time, energy and space to what is actually a stagnant relationship that's draining you. And you think to yourself "how did this happen?"

This draining usually happens when we've outgrown the circumstances of the relationship, but haven't yet admitted that to ourselves.

It's an odd and sometimes lonely feeling to have, evolving and making positive changes our lives.

Things that once worked no longer do, ideas and ways of seeing the world that once made sense don't anymore. If you're not conscious that you're evolving and that your vibration is raising, you may even begin to think there's something wrong with you.


Don't be afraid that you'll stick out like a sore thumb. Embrace shining bright even if it's uncomfortable (at first) because Spirit has more for good things on the way to you!

Look, I'm right there with you. Moving on and raising your vibration can be scary, but this is a time that rocks the boat, by design.

Here's where it really gets confusing, though: we stop ourselves from moving on by conflating our value of loyalty (to others, to our routine) and our fear of change (avoiding the unknown, unfamiliar and new).

So rather than letting go of a relationship or business practice that's not working - or worse yet, is outright harming us - we hold on to what's familiar, no matter how bad it gets, because we're conflating "holding on" with trying to appear "loyal" no matter what.

forget what you feel remember what you deserve

If your loyalty is draining you, if you are dying to be appreciated, then maybe it's time to accept the situation as is and move on. We need to unplug from trying to "fix it" all the time, and just accept reality.

Otherwise, if you just move on without accepting the situation as is, then you're being irresponsible and avoiding the lesson Spirit is trying to send you through this experience.

So, why can't you accept the person or situation as is?

Know this: Accept it. If you can't move on, that means you don't Trust yourself or Spirit to take care of what's next. #MLMM #BK2YS

Ouch! That was harsh, right? Well, here's the bright side.

Once you realize and accept you lack Trust, you can rebuild it!

And it starts with your relationship with Spirit. It's okay if you don't trust yourself 100% - focus on rebuilding your Trust in the Earth, in the Angels and in Source.

Trust issues can be a big block to receiving not only More Love but also More Money. And you deserve to receive all that you desire that is in alignment with your highest good.

Watch this week's video for the Oracle Card of the Week, which shows us one area in particular that Trust Issues come up as you pursue living your life's purpose!



In Love and Light,



Just for Today...

Pause and choose to see your situation as is, rather than trying to "fix it" all the time.

If things were to remain as they are for the rest of your life, would you be satisfied or would you want to move on?

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!


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