Love Letters | Pause Powerfully

Rushing from one thing to the next more often than not these days?

Been feeling confused, lacking clarity and unsure what you want?

Stressed out because there's never enough hours in the day?

It can be hard to feel grounded and clear when you're always on the go.

Perhaps it's time to deliberately slow down and do less, better.

Watch this week's 6-minute Love Letter video to learn how to pause and be in your power, naturally.

"I have to keep going. I have to keep up!"

This week, Source wants you to pause powerfully.

Maybe lately you've been rushing to get things done, or felt this sense of "I have to keep up and push out." To really show others that you're moving at their pace with them.

Perhaps, your mind has been racing and going through some confusion, not exactly sure how you're feeling, right?

What you need to do, Source is saying, is pause but pause powerfully. There is no rush.

This week in particular. I don't know what is going to come up for you, but this is what's coming through. It's important that you take your time and give yourself the permission to take your time and pause.

You are brilliant, you have so much to offer. You know exactly what you want in this moment. In order for you to access your inner power and your inner knowing, that solar plexus confidence, you need to pause powerfully.

When you take your time and you allow yourself to take your time, you actually ground, so pausing powerfully is actually a grounding practice. It is a communication and mental energy based form of grounding. When we pause and give ourselves pause in communication, there's space. Healing, conscious space, that gathers in that temporal moment, right?


Know this: When we intentionally pause during communication, a healing, conscious space gathers in that moment @SenseiWhitfield


It allows for your energy to reground herself and gather. Perhaps in a more mundane sense, you're gathering your thoughts when you pause, or composing yourself when you pause.

All of that has to do with grounding, and having an integrated grounding practice is the foundation of spiritual health and wellness, of inner confidence, shine and sense of ease and grace.

I'm hearing the oracle cards calling in the energy now. Goddess Guidance, is the deck that shone to say we would love to offer a little bit more guidance around pausing powerfully.

Angels, Goddess, what do we need to know this week in particular about pausing powerfully?

Woo, you're going to love this!

Aphrodite, Inner Goddess, yes, absolutely!

"Awaken the goddess within you through dance, self care and appreciating your divinity. Pausing powerfully respects your innate spiritual sense, your innate divinity."

It honors yourself, because we're centering and grounding our energy by pausing, powerfully though.

We're not holding back, but instead taking a moment to appreciate perhaps your surroundings, to acknowledge how you feel inwardly. To just acknowledge the stress or acknowledge the rush or anxiety. Acknowledge it, and from there respond rather than reacting. Constantly putting out fires, right?

This is not your inner goddess presence. I mean this for men, too. The goddess in all beings, whether masculine or feminine, the goddess represents flow, nature, organic, creativity, ease, sensuality, innovation, growth, incubation and birthing, right? This is our inner goddess energy. Yes guys, you too, and women, absolutely.

It's about honoring yourself and making space for self care, specifically this week by pausing powerfully, all right?

Comment below, send me an email back. What's coming up for you around this topic in particular? I'm curious to hear. Make sure that you subscribe on YouTube so that you get your Love Letters first every week, all right? I'll see you next time. Ready for it?

In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Intentionally pause to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate yourself or your environment while you are talking about something to someone.

Visualize healing energy filling the space at that pause creates.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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