Love Letters | Permission to Proceed

Waiting for the right moment to present itself?

Wondering when you should make that move you've been thinking of for some time now?

Want to go for your goal, but don't know if you're ready yet?

Source says you have permission to proceed this week!

But there's more to moving forward with your plans than you think.

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"When do I tell them that I care about them?"

This week, Source wants to let you know, that you have permission to proceed.

You've got it. You ready? Incoming permission slip, right through the screen to you right now. You have permission to proceed.

The Guides are saying that it's been a long time coming, that you've been wondering:

  • "When do I get to know if I'm ready yet?"
  • "When do I get to know if this is the right time for me to move forward with that vision that I've been having?"
  • "When do I move forward with the goals that I've been setting for myself?"
  • "When do I start that new cleanse program or exercise program?"
  • "When do I tell them that I care about them, and express my feelings?"
  • "When do I buy into that program or treatment package that I have been thinking about?"
  • "When do I set up that vacation, or a conference ticket? When do I book my flight?"

You have permission to proceed. This is what the Guides want to transmit to you, in particular today.

We want to be specific: you have permission to proceed for yourself. This has to do with only you.

Make sure to temper a bit of that enthusiasm you're getting: "All right, yes, I can change him." No, no, no! That is not what we're talking about.

The Energy says though YOU have permission to proceed.

If you're feeling like you've been holding back a compulsion whether or not you should give that suggestion to that person or give them that constructive criticism feedback, etc. Source says, you can only proceed forward if you get their explicit permission.

If you have a push to really want to tell someone, "You need to do this" or "You need to do this better," the reason why you have that push, is because that advice is for you.

The reason why that's happening is because that is meant for you to heal your life. People are sacred mirrors of your own spiritual energy.

Have you asked yourself why you're so worried about the suggestion that you're trying to give that other person? Are you really living it yourself yet?


Know this: Worry will die when you increase your faith. Go for it this week and trust yourself! @SenseiWhitfield


This message is especially to those of you who are friends, spouses coaches, mentors, managers; it's for those in an authority role who are reading right now, who give incredible, insightful, awesome advice, that can sometimes be given unwarranted. Be kind to yourself if that's you.

It's time that you step out first in that direction rather than just tossing your advice or your suggestions on someone without getting that person's permission first.

You have permission to proceed forward with the advice that you desire to give. Go ahead and implement it.

For the rest of us who are not necessarily about giving advice, this message is different because it pertains to a new goal or initiative that you've been working on; yes, you're worthy, you're okay, move forward.

The Guides are telling me now to pull from the Oracle Cards deck. "Angel Answers" is a yes-no deck, one of many donated decks here at the Dojo.

(You can always send donations to The Dojo by emailing me at if you would like to donate an oracle card  deck that you just don't really use anymore.)

Angels, what do we really need to know right now about permission to proceed? This feels strong. "No Need to Worry;" this is so big.

This basically hits the nail on the head and this is why we're going to leave off.

The reason why we need permission to proceed is because we're worrying ourselves into a tizzy.

It's okay. You can go forward, let go of worry. Worry only happens when you are trying to control something that is outside of your energy. Trust your gut.

Worry will die when you increase your faith. If only just for now, believe that there's no need to worry.

Let it go, and take a step of faith forward in the direction of whatever Source is guiding you towards.

I'm curious to hear what's coming for you hearing this week's message. If it spoke to you, let me know. I love feedback.

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See you next time. Bye!


In Love and Light,



Just for Today...

Take your own advice; the guidance you're getting is meant for you.

If you're itching to change someone's behavior and "coach" them on what they should be doing, try doing your suggestion yourself first before telling them.
Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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