Love Letters | Permission to Shift Your State

Are you ready to give yourself permission to shift your state?

So many times as we go about our workday we’re focused on getting task, after task, after task done.

And before you know it, BAM! The sun’s down, everybody’s driving home, and you're left wondering what happened...

If you're not careful, you could miss out on an entire season!

Is staying glued to your computer screen or chained to your desk all day every day really that important? It can and DOES take a toll on your physical and emotional health.


Watch the above 9-minute video to understand how to shift your emotional and energetic state in a quick and easy way!

"I'm too busy for that!"

This week the spirit wanted to share with you the idea of giving yourself permission, specifically permission shift your state and to be out in nature.

So many times as we go about our day we’re focused on getting task, after task, after task done that you walk into work and before you know it, bam! The sun’s down, everybody’s driving home.

There’s no time to be outside because you have to go home and cook dinner, you have to get the kids, etc.

This creates a lack of a sense of body awareness, the Energy is saying.

So, it’s only appropriate that energy would want us to tell you that while we are outside. If you can’t get outside yet, please by all means enjoy the wonderful nature energy in this week's video as I talk to you from Jackie’s On the Reef in Negril, Jamaica.

What the energy is saying, first and foremost about this topic of giving yourself permission to be outside, is it’s time to increase your self-awareness, if only just for now.

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath in and notice how does your body feel?

How are your shoulders sitting? How do your eyes feel? How do your hips feel, your thighs, your knees and ankles, your feet and hands?

If you are not self-aware you’re not connected to where your body’s state is at right now, and without that awareness, there’s no way that you’re even going to get to the point of giving yourself permission to change your state.

One of the biggest parts of energy management and emotional clearing is learning to actively change your states.

That means your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states. And one awesome, fast and easy way that you can do that is by simply going outside.

Now, how long do you need to be outside, I heard someone in the energy just ask? It depends. How much time do you have? You can go out for 5 minutes.

As always, you know I’m big on cell phone timers, so just hit the timer on your cell phone and just be outside for no reason other than being outside.

Earth is alive.

Even if you’re in the big city, or wherever you are, earth is still alive. As soon as you go outside the wind is going to speak to you, the trees, flowers, animals, even if it’s just someone walking their dog coming by you, or the birds – pigeons if you’re in New York, lol!

Know this: #Nature is a living, breathing consciousness. The more you immerse yourself in her, the more you become like her.

Even if it’s just 5 minutes; this is what the energy’s been putting in my heart to share with you this week.

The Oracle Card that we pulled for the week, is called the Arrow Master. The Arrow Master is all about focus; focus and hitting your mark.

You have to have a mark in the first place, though, if you’re going to hit it.

So tune into yourself first, aim to hit the mental mark of “where is my state now?” and if as you tune in you notice it’s uncomfortable, fire! As in, decide to shift it.

It’s okay to do that. It’s okay to give yourself permission – and you do have permission – to hit your mark.

So, what is the mark that you’re looking to hit? What we're really asking is: what’s a goal that you desire to achieve?

Is there a certain way that you want to feel throughout your work day, or your workweek, or the month, or is there just a way you want to feel period? I’m talking in terms of not only physical feeling, but also emotionally.

Write it down. Get it clear. Don’t just hold it in your head.

Perhaps you observed it in someone else? Maybe a relaxing environment like being on the beach in Negril, Jamaica inspires you, and you think to yourself: “you know what? That’s a mark that I would love to hit. I would love to be in Negril, Jamaica, or I would love to just be outside, even for a few minutes just to ‘be’ and enjoy myself.”

Hold that goal, hold that focus in your mind, remind yourself often.

Re-mind, as in reintegrate, repopulate, and re-seed yourself, as in planting seeds in your mind; re-mind yourself of what your mark is and it’s sure to happen.

How? By the universal Law of Attraction, which states: “that which is like energy is attracted.”

If you vibrate with thoughts like: “you know what? I want to feel better. I want my body to be more peaceful, and I want to know what it’s like to have more freedom in my life,” and you re-mind and reintegrate that over and over, you re-seed yourself, continuously planting those seeds in your mental energy, then it all becomes part of your subconscious.

And your subconscious is what is really creating and dictating the events and experiences of your life.

Remember be the Arrow Master this week.

If you don’t hit your mark, I just heard that in the energy to tell you to be kind to yourself.

It may come to you in a way that was unexpected, or you may not be taking actions that spirit’s been putting in your gut to do, when spirit’s been saying “this is what’s the next step that needs to happen in order for you to hit your mark.”

I know exactly how that feels. It’s natural to be afraid.

One thing that works for me personally is that every time I’m nervous about taking an action, if I’m thinking, “Oh, I don’t know, that’s going to cost a lot of money,” or, “This is inconvenient,” blah, blah, blah – you know all those excuses that come up.

First, I notice that all excuses are fearful, and fear-fueled.

And then I shift my state by remembering that fear and excitement are 2 sides of the same coin.

So I go right into that fear, I notice it, and I ask myself, “Well, hmm, how can I be excited about this?” and then we use that energy to move forward.

If this speaks to you, great! Comment below, send me an email back, or a video message response. I’d love to hear how this has inspired you.

If any of the messages we’ve shared inspired you, great, but honestly tell me: can you feel the water energy through the camera right now in the video?

It’s incredible here in Jamaica. I wish you were here. We’ll be back here in 2016, and I look forward to seeing you here. There’s more information coming in the next few months about that, but until then, big hugs and kisses!

I’ll see you next week!


In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Give yourself permission to go outside.

Set a timer on your cellphone for 5 minutes, turn it on airplane mode and just BE outside for the sake of being outdoors.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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