Love Letters | Protect Your Joy – Part 1 of 2

Feeling depressed because of a recent breakup or loss of your job?

Do negative news reports, commercials or traffic jams always have a way of ruining your day?

Wish you could just be plain happy already, without all the setbacks knocking you off your unicorn?

I feel you! It seems like every time you relax or start to make it a beautiful day, something has to come along and “test” you, right?

But what if you’re tired of being tested by Spirit?

Watch the above 10-minute video to begin exploring how you can create and protect your joy, rather than feeling like everyone’s stealing it all the time!

"Things were going so well! Why does this always happen to me?"

Hi! Sensei Victoria with you here from for your weekly love letter. It's my last day in Negril, Jamaica at Jackie's on the Reef and I wanted to share with you one last vision of the ocean for your Weekly Love Letter.

This week Source is really adamant about you understanding that your number one focus should be protecting your joy.

Just like a bird singing, your joy is your song on this planet. It is your vibration that is unique to you.

Joy is the most powerful vibration other than gratitude that we're capable of emanating as living beings, so you really want to protect the integrity of your joy. That's what Spirit wants you to know right now.

What does it look like when we're not protecting our joy? Basically, it looks and feels like we are driven by whatever happens to us.

If someone has some snide remark to say, immediately you latch onto that and identify with what that person said. Or if there's traffic, all of a sudden the traffic has ruined your day, as if something outside of you can determine the quality and energy of the day that you're having.

Other ways that our joy can be affected or not protected is that we're also dependent on others for our own sense of happiness or self-awareness.

For example, let's say you're in a relationship and your partner decides that it's time for them to leave or time for you to leave, and as you’re parting ways, your identity becomes shaken because you've given them so much power over your life.

Similarly, this can happen in the event of loss of a job. If your position at a certain company dissolves or you're let go, fired, et cetera, or you decide to leave, suddenly your identity shifts and then the depression comes, the anxiety comes, stress comes.

Depression, anxiety, and stress are all forms of dis-ease, by the way, not just disease but dis-ease, or the disturbing of one's sense of ease, peace and calm in any and all areas of life and self.

Know this: Disease becomes present when we are not protecting our joy. #stress #health

Now, in the energy I just heard from someone, "I don't even know what makes me joyful, though, Victoria!" That issue, this week in particular, you want to investigate.

Some examples of things that make me joyful is being outside in nature, and bubbles bring me joy. As most of you know, I have bubbles tattooed on the side of my body because they represent innocent joy. Although it may be fleeting, it's beautiful, full of color, and immediate, so that's what bubbles are to me as my symbol of joy.

Having a symbol anchors an idea or energy in you emotionally, physically and spiritually. It's powerful energywork you can do on yourself and on your life.

Also, speaking to people and learning more about other people's viewpoint bring me joy because I love diversity. I'm a very curious person, so finding out more and learning new things increases my joy. These are all examples for me personally of what brings me joy. Hanging out with family and friends, laughter, being silly, again, are more things that bring me joy.

Here’s the thing though: I actually sat down and took the time to recognize and write out a list of all the things that brings me joy as just Victoria.

It all started when I discovered I like white roses, for example, and how their energy increases my joy.

What brings you joy?

Is there a certain kind of music that you just can't help dancing to?

Is there a certain place that you love to visit that brings you joy?

Or someone that whenever you talk to them or whenever you see them, you just can't help yourself, you're just so happy?

Maybe your children or your animal children bring you so much joy?

Make a list. Source is very clear in the energy right now. Make a list of all the things that bring you joy.

And by the way, joy is also defined by a sense of play.

Oh! I just felt a kickback in the energy from someone in the energy saying, "My life is not playful. This is very serious! I have a very serious life right now. I have a lot to do. I don't know what you're talking about play. I haven't played since I was a kid. Adults don't play."

That's a load of crap. With all due love and respect...CRAP! 🙂

You're playfulness gives you energy, and playfulness protects, cultivates and increases your joy. And joy is the energy of vitality; it is the natural expression of a fulfilled life.

Now, I just heard in the energy, “So why do we care about protecting our joy other than the fact that it is the highest vibration you can possibly emanate as a living being?”

It also has biochemical effects on your body. When you are feeling positive, when you are feeling creative, glowing, playful, in a feeling of humor or positive expectation, all of that that just comes naturally as by-products of being in joy.

Your body regenerates itself, not only in terms of physical healing, but it also creates emotional energy, too, where a day was boring and long and slow-moving, it can speed up and sparkle!

How can you find a way to create joy for yourself? Well, the first resource I'm hearing in the energy is studying the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

Have you've ever checked them out on YouTube? Our energy vibrates strong with Abraham, and their advice is that your first focus is “getting into the vortex,” which is another way of saying being and feeling joyful.

If there's any time that in the middle of your day you're feeling slow or low vibration or exhausted, and you do something that creates joy in you... whoa, nelly!

That shift is better than coffee, even better than wheat grass, to all my hard-core health nuts out there. LOL! It's an injection of vitality, a main-line of energy that comes from nowhere but your own spirit.

Other than the energetic and the biochemical reactions that we have to joy, there are the powerful health effects.

When we are sick in the hospital, the most import thing is to generate joy by any means necessary because that'll get you out of the hospital and out of the sick bed way faster.

The vibration of joy accelerates your recovery process.

Also, one of the spirits is pointing to the emotional effect. It brings you back to center. Joy is a feeling space of being in alignment with your most creative energy within you.

When you are in alignment with your most creative energy, the opportunities, the solutions, are endless. What does endlessness look like?

Think of the ocean – in fact, you can look at her in this week’s video. There is no end, as the ocean goes all the way out to meet the sky and then it continues farther than your eye can see.

When you're in a joy-feeling state, the problems that seem impossible to have solutions naturally just click in. 

Joy accesses and activates more of your brain, and that's why this happens.

Synchronicities and understandings or connections that couldn't have been made otherwise click in because you're activated.

That's the magic of being in joy...

Tune in next week, for the second half of our discussion of protecting your joy, where we go through a few specific techniques for protecting your energy!


In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Write a list of activities, people, places, things, memories, symbols and stories that make you feel joyful.

Try to have at least 10 things on this list, and really feel into the emotional energy of each one as you write.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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