Love Letters | Relax

Feeling stressed out and high-strung, and surrounded by people who are too?

Always on the go and rushing to get things done?

Wish you could live a life of ease and grace, but don't know where or how to start?

Today's fast-paced world is set up to reward and affirm multitasking and 24/7 productivity.

However this causes us to have a technological or mechanical mindset about our natural, human bodies and emotions — which can eventually lead us to burnout.

Watch this week's 10-minute Love Letter video to exactly how to relax today, all day, and still be productive!

"I don't know how to relax."

This week, the guides only sent one word for your mantra for the week. Are you ready for this? Relax.

This week in particular, you have got to focus on the word, the activity, the mindset, the sensation of relax.

  • Who are you when you are relaxed?
  • Do you hold yourself a certain way, does your posture change?
  • Do you drop, right?
  • How do you speak when you are relaxed, what's the tempo of your speech when you're relaxed?
  • When you're relaxed, do the words tend to flow right out of your mouth, nothing really edited or worrying about what's going to come next out of you, or when you are relaxed are you someone who pauses and takes time to feel the space and the sensation of every word that you're experiencing, creating and expressing?
  • What do you do when you are relaxed?
  • Is there a certain activity that relaxes you more than others?
  • Do you go outside, where are you when you are relaxed?

None one is better than the other. All of these questions are really important in order for you to get to know you.

The guides are saying this week in particular you have got to even say the word, first to yourself, but also to others when they are speaking to you or around, relax.

And don't say it in an antagonistic or authoritative like, "Relax!" How relaxing was that when I said, "Relax! Calm down!" Your initial reaction was not to relax once I was being like, "Relax, relax, relax! You need to meditate, you need to calm down, you need to get some reiki!"

You know who I'm impersonating right now, who's watching, who's is like, "I tell everybody they just need to relax, they need to go see Victoria, they need to relax and calm down." I love you, and that's not very relaxing. Think about the the delivery people, please.

This week in particular I want you to focus on being an ambassador of relaxation, it starts with you though.

When you say the word relax, let it be a mantra, and mantra work is embracing the sensation and meaning of words into thought forms, into energy forms that radiate throughout your body, whether it's inside of your mind or through your mouth, mantra work.

Your mantra for this week in particular is relax, so if you are at work remember to think to yourself relax. Even if you have to say your name, Victoria, relax. Relax, Victoria.

Have a soothing tone, a soothing tone is characterized by being soft, sensuous, and almost like mothering and a nurturing way, if you were to sooth and calm another who's like a baby that's shocked, or really going through their cathartic mode, because that's what babies do because they're beyond words, sooth, it's okay, it's okay. That kind of tone is relax.


Know this: Saying "relax" to yourself as a mantra throughout the day can change your life. @SenseiWhitfield


As you say relax, affirm it with the sensation of your body. Relax, feeling your jaw relax, shoulders, your stomach softens and drops down towards the ground. Relax, your eyes relax, lids droop, all of your scalp relax, your hands relax, shake it out.

Print out or write on a nice big piece of paper next to your workspace. If your workspace is a laptop or a screen, tack in big, juicy, like the size of my hand font 'Relax'If you can even make it look pretty, that's bonus points to raise your vibration through pleasure. Visual stimulation, like we talked about last week.

Really enthuse the word and sensation of relax into this week in particular.

The guides are calling forth, the Oracle cards for the week, Indigo Angel Oracle cards deck, one of many decks here at the dojo that you can play with whenever you come to visit, and one of many that I use during private sessions whether it's here in person or over Skype and the phone.

Angels, what do we need to know right now about relax as a mantra? What's going on, what do we need to know this week?

Authority, oh boy, no one wants to hear that. I feel it coming through, the energy of people being like, "Authority? What? That's not very relaxing."

I'm hearing they angels saying that mantra of relax is even more important when there is a power difference or a perceived authority struggle, or we're around our manager or someone who thinks they know better, even if it's our kids who think they know better.

In that moment where I'm not being heard, we start to ramp up. Catch yourself, find the space in the moment, as Stacey Martino from says, love you guys, find the space within the moment and affirm or look what that sign out of the corner of your eye, catch you and saying, "Okay, soothing, relax."

Maybe even three to five times repetition on a stint. Three is the presence of spirit around you, spiritual guidance and protection. Five, numerologically speaking represents change. Relax, relax, relax.

When you're in the board meeting, relax. When your manager is yelling, relax.

Or if a customer is coming up and they're like, "Ah!" Relax, how can I help you? Right?

Be an ambassador of relaxation, this puts you as a safe authority figure, first for yourself but also then perceived by others.

It's really important this week, go out and be a relaxation ambassador, comment below, send me an email back,, what was your experience of being and feeling and affirming the word relax this week?

How does it feel to say that? Is it strange, is it mechanical, do I not know, I don't know how to relax? Don't affirm that, instead affirm just the sensation.

If you don't know how to relax by the way, because I just caught you in the energy thinking that, imagine someone else who looks relaxed and then pretend to be like them. "Oh, they're walking on the beach and the wind is in their hair, or their hair is in the wind", whatever you say, pretend to be them.

Enthuse that visual energy into your body and in your postures and movements. Play with it.

Make sure that you subscribe on YouTube so that you get your love letters first every week, and I'll see you next time. Bye, relax.

In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Imagine and visualize a totally relaxed version of you.

See how that you goes about a typical day or how that you would act in this moment, and then impersonate that you.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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