Love Letters | Rest

Struggling to keep up with your never-ending to-do list?

Jam-packed days at the office zapping your energy?

Feeling like you're headed for burnout?

More often than not we identify success as "getting things done."

But what happens to our idea of success when there's too much to do and not enough "you" to go around?

Watch this weeks 8-minute Love Letter video to redefine success to include rest as well as productivity!

"I just need to finish one last thing."

This week in particular, the guides have a message for you. One word. Rest.


There's a few questions that I kept hearing as I was preparing to shoot this letter for you, and here were the questions:

  • What do you look like when you are at rest?
  • When you are at rest, what do you look like?

Perhaps, you want to close your eyes if you can or imagine if you can't at the moment while you're listening to me.

What do you look like when you are at rest? When you're not responsible for doing anything, when you're not actively performing or producing or sharing etc, when you're not taking action. What do you look like when you are just at rest?

Then from there, seeing that image, the guides shifted the question. I love how they did this.

What do you look like when you are rested?

It's a whole another kind of worms there, right? What do you look like when you are rested?

  • How does your face look?
  • How do you hold your shoulders?
  • How do your hips, knees, and feet feel when you are rested?
  • How does your head feel? What are your thoughts like when you are rested?

It's important for you to tune in this right now, tune into this as you are reading or as you are listening to this love letter right now.

When you pay attention, how do you rest in your attention paying?

  • Are your eyes strained?
  • Are your brows furrowed?
  • Is your jaw tighter?
  • Are your shoulders hunched?
  • Are your heaps crunched?
  • Is there a tension in pushing that you sustain because you are giving attention?
  • Or are you restful in the way that you give your attention?

Then, lastly, what do you look like when you are rested? Do you even have an idea of what you would be like if you were rested?

If you came back from a lovely five-day vacation just for the sake of literally sleeping in a beautiful location, you didn't have to do anything. Just sleeping or just walking outdoors, or running outdoors enjoying scenery. No responsibility.

What would you look like? What would that look like for you?

The guides are telling me that now is the time for you to journal about think and feel envision into these questions because you're really exhausted.

It's okay for you to admit that some things just make you tired, being tired doesn't mean that you're wrong, being tired means you need rest.


Know this: You can be successful and well rested. It is not a trade-off.


Here come the Oracle cards calling in the energy this week.

It's the Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards Deck another Doreen Virtue Deck. One of 19 and counting as of just tuning of this video but it's always shifting.

I'm happy to receive gifts as well as donations, oracle cards deck. You seen one that you think, "Oh my God, this would be amazing for Victoria to do a reading on?" Send in my way. Send me an email at if you need my mailing address.

Okay, so Archangel Raphael, what do we need to know right now? What do we need to know right now about rest? Have faith. Have faith.

"Dear, Jesus and Archangel Raphael, thank you for boosting my faith so that I made trust in miracles."

To whoever you vibrate with, having faith is risky business.

It takes a certain level of trust, openness, vulnerability and uncertainty to have faith.

Right now, I'm hearing the guides say, "You may think that image of you being rested what you look, would take a miracle, like seriously?" What you see like, "are you kidding me Victoria? Rested?" "All of these people depend on me and blah, blah, blah, blah."

All right. All the excuses start flying out of us and why we're not allowed to rest? Or, let me just do this one last thing.

The "just", just want us come flying out.. Let this be your periodic reminder that you're going to have faith in yourself. You can do this and you're worth it.

All right, so send me an email back, comment below.

What do you envision yourself as being rested? Type that out. It's so powerful to even at least express it.

Come on over to the Facebook as well to share your idea of being rested, I'd love to see a video share of you because that's always the highest vibration. Don't let it just be me sending you videos, I want to see your lovely face. Muah.

I'll see you next week make sure you subscribe on YouTube so you get your love letters first each time.

All right? See you next time. Bye.

In Love and Light,


Just for Today...


Visualize yourself looking well rested: your posture, facial expression, how you hold yourself, walk, etc.

Now, act as if you were that version of yourself, even if you have to pretend.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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  1. How did you know I am exhausted Vivi?! Right on! My nutrional therapist just confirmed my surrenal glands are lower than low and I have hypothyroidism. I must rest! No choice. But so hard and feeling so frustrated about it! Mouah! Bises.

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