Love Letters | Safety First

Are you scared to go to work?

Secretly angry that everyone doesn't take care of you like you take care of everyone around you?

Do you hide the fact that deep down you actually expect others to *not* have your back behind always preparing for the "worst case scenario"?

Feeling emotionally safe in life is foundational to experiencing grounded health and wellness.

However, most of us have been taught from a very young age to be circumspect by harboring mistrust in others: we expect the worst, and not the best.

Watch this weeks 8-minute love letter video to explore Source's high-vibrational version of "safety first" and upgrade your mindset!

"I don't trust people."

This week, the guidance from Source is safety first. Safety first.

Did you know that one of the most important things that you can have as your emotional set point is an internal center of safety?

Let me explain.

When we don't have an internal set point of safety, we look to our external world to feel safe.

If we do not create our own safety by having an internal set point of safety, the external world, if she is unsafe, which unfortunately, more often than not she is, the external world is unsafe, we will then identify as being unsafe.

Example, going to work in an environment that you do not feel supported in or comfortable in. Because of that, that will create in you an identity, a self identity of, "I don't trust people" or "I'm not trustworthy" or "My life is hard" because the external environment creates the sense of unsafety, and then because you don't have your center, it's outside of you. You, therefore, identify with your environment instead of with your center.

This week is all about centering, finding your alignment, in particular, strategically generating your version of feeling safe. It starts with you first.

If you've ever meditated here at the dojo with me or on one of the conference lines, etc., one of the mantras, we have many mantras that come through the dojo, but one of the main mantras, especially during meditation time is, "I am safe here. I am safe here."

Telling that to your inner child. "I am safe here."

The reason why we assert that as our mantra is to bring that feeling, that strategic feeling of safety, into you and assert that that is up to you. It's not dependent on the environment, regardless of your space.

You are safe right here. Take a deep breath in and exhale.


Know this:Don't blame your circumstances. You can create your own sense of emotional safety in the world.


Can you imagine if only just for now what your life would be like if you felt safe, and I mean this emotionally, if you felt safe wherever you went?

Rather than looking and searching and searching in other places and other people and other groups and organizations and food and wine and cigarettes and technology, rather than searching externally for an assertion of, "I feel safe. I feel connected. I feel centered."

What if, no matter where you went, you felt safe? Here, in healing journeys with my students, that's what we really practice is bringing that and learning that, bringing that into us, that feeling of safety and then learning strategically how to generate feelings of safety no matter what because in spiritual truth you are safe, even if you decide to transition.

You're still safe right here no matter where you are.

This week in particular, Source wants you to know that, that before you go out into your day, remember safety first.

What that's going to mean for you, and I'm hearing the oracle cards right now coming in the energy, what that specifically means is that safety is something I generate. Safety first. I create my sense of safety, and then from there, I enter the world.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be with people who felt and generated safety no matter where you were?

The oracle cards for this week are the archangel oracle cards deck, another Doreen Virtue deck, one of 19 and counting as we enter the new year. I'm so excited. If you ever want to donate, by all means, send me an email back or comment below. I'd be happy to receive.

Angels, what do we need to know about safety first? 

They just said, "Don't shuffle any further." This is powerful. Courage. Isn't this gorgeous?

Courage. Archangel Ariel says, "Be courageous and stand up for your beliefs."

This is where we'll leave off this week.

The guides say that safety is actually a belief, and you can choose to believe.

Stand up for believing that safety is within you and something that you can choose to create and generate for yourself. It takes courage to decide that this is your center rather than going with the tides and going with convention and saying, "It's outside of you."

I don't know who this message is for, but I'm sharing it because the guides have said so.

If this is for you, send me an email back and comment below. Let me know. Is this speaking to you? What's been coming up?

Have you been putting the responsibility of your safety on others or on your job or on the government or on organizations outside of you? How do you feel safe? Let's take this apart and talk about it.

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In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Tell yourself "I am safe here" as you go about your day.

Then act as if you believed that were true.

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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