Love Letters | Strategic Self Care

Feel like there's not enough You to go around? 

Stressed about a big upcoming event or project?

Worried that your about to burn out?

You're a busy bee, high achiever and get-it-done task master -- awesome!

But what if you're better at working hard than playing hard?

Watch this week's 9-minute Love Letter video to start adding strategic self care into your busy schedule to increase productivity!


"I might look bored, but I don't feel that way!"

You have got something big brewing, I had to say maybe it's a launch date or maybe it's a date with somebody cute coming up, or maybe your kids have their first day of school or their awards ceremony, something big is coming.

Maybe it's the sale meeting on your house or on your business, something big, there's a big event coming up, right?

Source wants you to know the best way to prepare and to surround that experience in positive energy is through strategic self-care.

This is what it's about this week is specifically prioritizing your self-care strategically. Getting that ready for what's coming up for you.

Be kind to yourself, this is something new to you if you're feeling clearings as I'm talking about this because you, you my dear don't prioritize your self-care.

Maybe you have in spurts, maybe you've been working on it but you and I both, we have this conditioning around other people's care comes first, right?

Caring for others is priority versus our care being a priority.

But if you're looking to manifest something big or you're getting ready for an event maybe it's your wedding, or your big birthday coming up, it's important to strategically pad and plan for your self-care before, during, and after like strategize it because if you don't strategize it it's not going to happen. Right?

We'll have all of this frustration afterward of, "Oh my gosh, I worked so hard and now I have to go right on to the next thing. I don't have any transition coming out of that experience." 

Focusing strategic self-care, what does this look like?

How do we do it? For me and my business, every month I have SSD as my AB calls it, by the way, go check her out.

I have an SSD which is a strategic spa day every month at least to make sure that I'm creating space for clearing my personal energy as the mother goddess of the business, the owner of the dojo and the space, I have to clear my energy.

Then also, I give myself time at the spa and it's a spa day, it's like five, eight hours at the spa. We're putting in work there, right?

It's enough space to sit down in creative vision, reevaluate different things that are going on, making sure that I'm staying in tune to the heartbeat of my business and also where she's going in the future.

Every month I know my SSD is coming, right? Strategic self-care because I create space for working on the business versus in the business to make sure she continues growing but that's from a business owner's perspective.

Maybe it's your wedding coming up, how have you created space for relaxation and rest leading up to your big day?

Is it all go, go, go, got to get everybody's cards and the flower and the bubbles, like the dress color, is it all just go instead of rest and production, rest and production?


Know this: Prioritize your self care before, during and after your next big event.


I'm starting to hear the oracle card deck calling the energy.

One sec, it will get to you in a minute but the point for strategic self-care is to not only focus on output but look at your energy as more cyclical similar to nature, how there is the high times of production in spring and summer and then the quiet and restful times of fall and winter.

She goes in her cycles to perpetuate all of life.

You can do this on a month cycle because women's bodies do this one month cycle so we do this anyway. By the way, if you're a woman you should make time to honor your body during her cycle, just saying.

Men menstruate as well so periodically guys make sure that you give yourself time to release, go through the things that are bothering you and then just do something about it to release it out of your energy if it's run, workout, right?

Go for a good scream in your car with the windows closed by yourself. I have so many stories, you have no idea.

Anyway, back to the point, strategic self-care, whether it's on a monthly cycle, weekly, or even parts of the day as well.

Where is your strategic rest time? Do you give yourself meditation time at the beginning and in the middle as well as the end of your day? Are you just from the minute you hop out the bed you're going until you smash into the pillow at the end of the day?

Now, the oracle cards are screaming at me. I'm happy to bring them in. It's the earth magic oracle cards deck, it's our Shamanic deck here at the dojo. One of I think 19 counting so far book guides.

What do we need to know in particular about strategic self-care? What do you have to tell us?

This is good. This is good. This is good. This is good. Island, solitude.


Look at the reflection and that's what it's about, it's giving yourself space rather than being above ground and interacting and social and putting out but it's also to be below ground. Reflective, restorative, restful, reviewing, all the res, recycling, renewing, all the res, it's the output as well as the input. Time, right? Honoring that.

How can you schedule and I mean in the calendar, how can you schedule more strategic self-care so that you know it's in there?

By the way, it's so powerful. If you see in your calendar there are blocked out like black periods that say rest. Trust me, I know.

From somebody who's very super productive and a control enthusiast, right? I'm a get it done girl, absolutely.

It's so powerful to see that there's rest in my schedule.

Yeah, I can give, give, give, and I can rest as hardcore as I give. Is that you? Maybe it's not you. I don't know who I'm speaking to.

Maybe you need to share this video with someone else who really needs to hear this message because it's obviously not you.

Oh my gosh, send me an email back, comment below, let me know if this resonates with you. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube so that you get your Love Letter first every week and I will see you next time. Bye.

In Love and Light,


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