Love Letters | Stress vs. Practicing Acceptance – Part 2

Tired of being "stuck" in life, waiting for your time to shine?

Feeling frustrated that you, your partner or your business still haven't realized their potential, after all your hard work?

Having a hard time just accepting what's happening and embracing yourself and your life "as is"?

Sometimes our "great expectations" can get the best of us, blinding our eyes to the opportunities and positive aspects in our present moment.

This is a particularly sticky situation, because we're caught up in reaching for something that doesn't exist, and meanwhile in our current reality, we end up feeling blocked and stagnant.

Watch the above 11-minute video to learn exactly how you can start practicing acceptance and get unstuck!

"How can I accept my life completely?"

Acceptance keeps the momentum moving forward.

When we do not accept what the circumstances are, there's a lack of acceptance of what is.

When we do not accept who we are dating or married to as what they're showing is who they actually are, we usually are continuously looking past them, thinking: "maybe one day he's going to be this, or maybe one day she'll do this, or maybe someday this will happen."

If we're embracing being more in alignment with nature, practicing acceptance only becomes that much more important, because acceptance keeps you in the now.  

A good place to start is accepting disappointment; thinking, for example: "Okay, I see that this is what it is. I'm in a job that I do not like. I'm not comfortable with my body. This person that I'm dating really isn't right for me as they are, or this person that I'm married to is totally out of alignment with me, as they are right now."

The next step though, after acceptance, is taking action once you are clear on what you have now.

Getting to the point of accepting what is, and having a sense of peace with that, will lower your blood pressure, will calm aches in your body. Acceptance can change the way that you sleep, the way that you eat, the way that you spend your money, spend your time, who you spend your time with.

When we are in a state of acceptance, we're letting go of the fight to make things more than what they actually are -- you put your sword down, and just say "okay, I'm here."

Believe it or not, spirit is saying that the effect of this is that it wipes the slate clean in life.

Emotionally, energetically, physically, socially, financially. Clean slate.

Now for some of you, I'm feeling a nervousness in the energy around having a totally clean slate. I hear you thinking "Well, what do I do with that?"

If that's you, here's what you do. Raise the vibration of that image. Think of it like a blank check. The clean slate is meant to be infinite possibilities. It's not meant to intimidate you.

Know this: If you can accept where you're at now, that gives you a strong foundation for actually changing things for the better.  

It's about taking responsibility for all of what is your actual reality. What is the totality of your world? You need to be able to answer that before you can be in charge of your world.

Source is saying it is extremely important that you have peace with what Source has given you now.

That you have consciousness and clarity with what you have now. It's okay. All is well.

All right, so I'm hearing the oracle cards calling in the energy. Doreen Virtue's "Indigo Angel Oracle Cards" is the deck that came through that wanted to share about practicing acceptance.

So we're just asking as we shuffle: "Angels of understanding, acceptance and peace, show us what do we need to know right now about practicing acceptance? What's at stake? Why are we being so prideful? Not saying no, this is not acceptable. How can I be more than who I really am right now?"

The Oracle Card that came through is... Acceptance!

LOL! WOWZA! I've been doing this for years, and well, I must say, it never gets old. It never gets old! I think this is pretty self explanatory that we're in the vortex, that your synchronicity is lining up.

Here's the reading:

As an indigo, you're built to question everything, as part of your mission for making healthful changes to this planet. However, this characteristic may cause you to reject a part of your life that's necessary, in order for you to get to the next step.

Let me pause for a second and emphasize this: if you want the next level in your life, the next level starts with acceptance. It's good stuff. Let's continue reading:

This card is a message for you to search through your life and determine if there is anything, or anyone, you are rejecting.

Accepting your life completely is the best thing you can do for yourself right now. 

While this may not be easy or even seem right, know that you simply cannot change everything you do not like, and certain things must be tolerated in this lifetime.

Why must they be tolerated? I have to pause here, because I'm hearing someone in the Energy ask "why shouldn't I settle for anything?"

Here's the thing: It's not about settling.

You could be rejecting the dark gifts, aka the lessons and stepping stones that Source is sending you in your present total reality in this present moment of existence.

You could be rejecting those gifts that are the launching pads to get you to the next level that you are designed for, if you're not accepting them or tolerating them, working through them, understanding and using them to flow through your life's journey. The reading continues:

You could be rejecting something that's really essential to the recipe of "You." Ask the angels to bring you strength and comfort to make letting go and accepting easier.  Acceptance is not easy. However, it is a decision.

All you have to do is decide in the moment I accept that what is, is what is.

This is what I've got right now, and I am accepting it, or this is who you are right now, and I am accepting you just as you are. Good, bad, and whoa Nelly. Right?

You'll notice that when you do that, such as admitting to yourself "I accept that I am really angry right now," things will process faster.

I encounter so many people, especially when I meet them for the first time who say, "Oh yeah, I'm blocked," or "this is blocked," or "I'm feeling blocked in life." Declarations like these show acceptance, and this is a serious issue because they don't realize they're fueling those blocks with their acceptance of the idea of being a victim of being blocked.

Another issue is that when you can't accept what's going on, you're going to be at an impasse.

There's a gift there that Source is trying to send you in this frustrating or seemingly "negative" experience. So deciding to open up and allow the experience to be what it is, not knowing what may come on the other side of being in that state of acceptance, you are opening up to moving forward authentically.

If you're curious to know more about this, send me an email at or comment below. I'm really intrigued to hear what are you not accepting.

Is there something that's been eating at you, or really pressing on you, and really fueling your stress level that you feel is absolutely not acceptable? Email me about it!

Someone in the energy just said that if something bad happened to you, the way that you can practice acceptance is to accept the fact that that happened. It's not in your current total reality.

It's in your history, yes, but is it right here? Happening right now? No. This step has to come first before you let anything go, or even think about forgiving.

This is a very intense spiritual practice. Simple, but profound. So be kind to yourself; I'm sending you so much love, and I will see you next week.

In Love and Light,



Just for Today...

Observe yourself today to find out what people, places, things or actions your are avoiding, rejecting or running from.

When you find one, ask yourself: "What gift from the Universe could I be refusing to receive by avoiding this situation?"

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!


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