Love Letters | Take Up Space, Unapologetically – Part 5 of 5

Scared to stand out and take up space?

Shrinking yourself physically or emotionally to make others comfortable, or even for fear of being seen?

Do you tend to "keep your mouth shut" around others, rather than speaking your mind openly?

Our bodies are mirrors of our emotional health and mindset.

So if you live with chronic tightness, aches and pains, that's actually a physical manifestation of limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

Watch this week's 11-minute love letter video, the final installment of our 5-week series on living life unapologetically, to release all restriction and boldly take up space in life and business!

"I don't trust myself to be able to get my point across."

So this is week five of five in our deep dive into living life unapologetically. Yeah.

This has been a powerful, powerful series of living fully, right? And embracing our brilliance, living as if, as we discussed last week, we're already worthy, right?

There's nothing additional that needs to be done. We're worthy now. If you missed that, go back on YouTube, check it out. Watch that video.

This week, the spirit guides have said our topic is taking up space. Take up space. Do this with me. Spread your arms out. Open your chest. Breathe deep and exhale. Take up space, right?

Are you someone, if you are blessed vertically, if you're tall, do you tend to hunch, or stand with a slouch so that you appear shorter? Are you someone who feels a bit insecure about speaking up, so instead, rather than waste people's time, or be annoying and take up space, you tend to hurry yourself.

Do you hurry yourself when you're speaking, or not even express anything? In your home, by the way, is there no space for you, or is all your stuff crammed into the corner or shoved into a drawer? Are you afraid to really spread out so that you can be creative and expressive?

Right? No, that's not for you. That's for the kids. You're not allowed, right?

If that's you, be kind to yourself. Just because other people take up space doesn't mean that you are not allowed to. There's enough space for all of us. That's a tweetable, as Marie Forleo would say.

Know this, there's enough space for all of us. You are enough. The world is enough. There's enough time for all of us. Be kind to yourself.


‪Know this: There's enough space for all of us. Just because other people take up space, doesn't mean that you're not allowed to. Take up space, #unapologetically!


If you carry shame, right? Do you carry that shame around all ... You know, "I have something to say, but you know, everybody has something to say, and I don't really trust myself to get my point across, so instead of being articulate, and expressing openly, I'll be quiet, and watch everyone else try and fail, but at least, you know, I didn't try, so I didn't fail." I'm giving you a big hug if this is you. I know this is tough. Oh my goodness. Take up space.

But this week in particular, the guides are showing images of you decompressing your body. Stretch. Go ahead. Stand up, like right now. Stand up. Get up, get up, and reach over your head, tickle the ceiling, wherever you are, tickle it and just radiate your light in all directions.

Allow your hips to roll open. Stretch your jaw, right? Your eyes, stretch your eyes. Yeah. Roll your shoulders. Roll them open. Do freestyle, whatever you need to do to open up any tightness in your body. Take up space.

Be kind to yourself.

If you're afraid of taking up space in conversation, or even with your marketing, for example, to all my entrepreneurs and business owners, if you're uncomfortable being visible, and commanding attention, start with your body. Let's be clear. We're going to start internally. The healing starts with you.

You don't have to worry about anybody else, but instead, open your body first. Decompress, right? I can't show you this on camera, but if you were to hang over your knees and let your head be pulled down by gravity, you could even decompress your spine. So important.

So, it's essential for you, in living life unapologetically, to not be so compressed all the time. This is an apology for being in the same space as everyone else, and this is affirming that there's not enough space for you. Trust me, the universe is big enough to handle you. In all your imperfections and all your awesomeness, the universe is big enough.

Come out and play. Make it open, and even if it's a bit messy, whatever, right? Be kind to yourself. You don't have to do it perfectly.

So take up space, and stretch especially. Stretch open your body. Imagine, by the way, as you stretch your body, filling the space with your energy, as if you were shining light and radiating light into the entire room, into the entire building, out into the town, out into the state, around the country, and out into the world, right?

Radiate that permission to take up space. Do it for your brothers and sisters who are in extreme poverty, right? Who are oppressed, and depressed, and repressed. Open your body on behalf of our tribe, on behalf of our tribe. Take up space.

I'm hearing the Oracle Cards calling the energy this week, again is our last with the daily guidance from the Angels, another Oracle Cards deck, one of the many that have been donated here at the dojo, always accepting donations. Okay, Angels. What do we need to know right now, about taking up space? Cupid. Beautiful. Aw, there's so much love in this card, Cupid. Oh, the heart bubble. So sweet.

"We send great waves of love into your heart and mind, awakening your love for life itself. Your clear decision to accept and enjoy romance has triggered this awakening. Allow yourself to spontaneously celebrate love in all of its glorious aspects."

So, my guides are telling me ... This Angel card has come forward in particular, for you to welcome love into your life. Yes, romantic love. Yes, physical love. Yes, emotional love. Yes, love. Opening up to receive more love in your life starts with you being open and decompressed, right? Take up space.

Give yourself permission to say, "Hi. What's your name?" To all of my single people out there, take up space, get yourself a ... like, you know, a seat at the coffee shop and type on your laptop conspicuously. Take up space, and if you are married, or with a partner, your lover, take up space with them. Like, "I desire to be with you," or "I'm going to be in your space because I love you," yeah? Take up emotional space. You can say what you need and you can express yourself. This is your permission.

This week in particular, take up space. How are you going to do it, right? Are you just going to start with the physical stretching more, and making sure that your body physically is open and lubricated, or are you also going to take it the emotional and social level? Are you going to take up space in your relationships and interactions?

Comment below on YouTube, on Facebook, send me an email back, right? I want to hear it. How are you taking up space. I love love and I love love letters, so send me a mail. Send me a love letter in the mail. I just got one. Yay! Thanks, Johanna. Hers is right there, that white piece of paper, pink writing. So beautiful. Thank you, goddess.

And, make sure you subscribe on YouTube so that you get these love letters first every week, all right? Live life unapologetically.

We'll see you next time. Bye.

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