Love Letters | Technique for Emotional Clearing with Archangel Michael

Do you suffer from chronic, free-floating anxiety?

Stress and overwhelm draining your joy and ability to focus?

Feeling emotionally "blocked" and wish there was a way to clear yourself?

Carrying excessive emotional energy can be exhausting, and we often carry way more than we're even conscious of; it especially shows up in how you feel during moments that should be quiet and peaceful (but are antsy or worry-filled, instead).

Over the years, I've researched and come across countless mental and spiritual exercises to alleviate stress and anxiety, and Spirit has asked us to share one with you this week.

Watch the above video to learn a fun and easy technique to clear your emotional energy now!

"I just can't turn off. I'm always on! HELP!"

This week’s video covers a technique for emotional clearing.

As you know I love following a lot of Doreen Virtue's work as a new-age spiritual psychologist and intuitive channel.

In particular, Spirit said this week we should teach to the Tribe one of her methods called "The Archangel Michael Vacuuming" technique for clearing emotional energy.

There are thousands of techniques for clearing emotional energy, and they are helpful to those of us who are "always on," suffering from constant stress, anxiety and even insomnia.

Always ready and in “fight or flight” mode? That’s because your adrenal glands are being overstimulated and overused.

Maybe you're feeling anxious and carrying your stress with you recently, or even right now, because there was a recent fight that you had with a loved one, or you received some scathing criticism at work, or someone was just kind of a jerk and rubbed you the wrong way and you just can't get it off of your mind...

And it keeps replaying over and over in your head.

You say to yourself things like: "This is what I would've said to him if things would have went differently." And you continue to argue inside yourself.

So we're still attached to the fight. Hours, days, weeks, months, even years after it's happened we're still carrying the emotional energy.

Though it happened in the past, right now all the emotional energy comes out fresh because we're being triggered by the attachment we agree (in the present) to maintain (to the past offense).

Another way that excessive emotional energy can creep up on us is irrational fear.

For example: are you afraid of a certain room in the house? Like the basement? Have you assigned your dark basement the title of "haunted" or generally creepy? LOL!

Know This: You are in charge of how you feel right now. And you can choose to feel better. #takecharge #stressedout

The truth is, you give the basement it's creepy power over your emotions. Even if it is actually haunted, you don't have to feel afraid of or victimized by that!

If emotional energy is dominating your life, then that means YOU are carrying it around with you – re-upping it, reintegrating it, reactivating things that are done and over with.

And it’s up to YOU, and nobody else, to change that.

You can start by clearing some of it out. And a wonderful technique for doing that is the Archangel Michael Vacuuming meditation.


  1. Ask Archangel Michael, "Please be vacuum out my negative emotions right now."
  2. Visualize him just above you with a huge healing vacuum in his hands.
  3. See him sucking up all of the negative and dark emotional energy that is in your body, starting at the top of your head, down to your feet. The more you watch him do this, using your imagination, the better it works.
  4. Then ask Archangel Michael, "Please bring your healing white light hose, and fill me in with healing white light. Dense, healing, high vibrational energy."
  5. Visualize him with a fire hose filling your entire body in; the light comes out of it like marshmallow, very thick, very dense. Start again from the top of your head, down to your feet.
  6. Once it's completed, say "thank you and so it is." And you're done!

The point is to play with your inner child while doing this.

This is not that serious, people!

Don't miss out on the power of this meditation right now because of your ego, growling “Grr! I’m a board-certified lawyer skeptic person and I hate marshmallows and angels are ridiculous! Gimmie my Xanax and forget this froo-froo BS!"

Relax, because the more playful and imaginative you are, the less stress and overwhelm you are capable of carrying, and the less stress you put on your adrenals.

On the other hand, you may be reading this and feel totally cool with angels, fairies, unicorns and rainbows.

If that's you, then High Five!


As you're seeing Archangel Michael do a very detailed job, getting every single crevice completely saturated with healing white light until it is completely done, make sure that you're JUST watching, you're not taking the nozzle and doing it for him.

Just observe, let go, let him do his work. You can TRUST him. He happens to be an Archangel you know. They kinda know what they're doing.


Watch this week’s video strategy to be guided through this meditation and feel the healing energy flow!


In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Give yourself permission to play and be a bit silly.

When you are feeling nervous and stressed out, get up, go outside and do something that makes you laugh or feel playful, fun and less serious. (I personally love to watch Christoper Titus on Youtube for a good laugh!)

Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Powerful meditation. I did experience Archangel Michael’s presence and the clearing was wonderful and much needed. The angels revealed I’ve been blocking my creative expression through reading – specifically blogging. I knew my 2nd chakra was blocked and asked for guidance as to why just a couple hours ago. Got my answer! Back to writing and blogging tomorrow!!

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