Love Letters | You Are Not Blocked

Can't seem to move things along in your love life lately?

Struggling to open your Third Eye?

Wondering why you're having trouble getting clients or that next level of income?

Most people in these situations explain it away as "It's not working; I must be blocked."

But Source wants you to know that you are not blocked; in fact, you may instead be 1 of 3 other things actually!

Watch this week's 8-minute Love Letter to learn more about what's actually happening to you, so you can shift out of being "blocked."

"I'm feeling blocked. What do I do?"

This week Source wants you to know that you are not blocked.

You are not blocked.

In fact, there are three other things that Source has channeled for us to share with you. Instead of seeing yourself blocked, actually it could be one of these following three things, so keep reading.

On a side note, I did a previous love letter months ago about blocks as well, but just to summarize overall what came through last time: there's no such thing as being blocked.

Absolutely nothing in the universe energy-wise is ever stationary.

If you zoom into molecules and into atoms there is constantly a state of movement and motion in All That Is.

The status of being blocked or feeling stagnant is only a mental illusion that we create.

In the meantime though, you're still feeling that and thinking, "Ok! I'm in the illusion, Victoria, of feeling blocked! What do I do? What could actually be happening?"

Instead of being blocked what could be happening is that you have 1) a blind spot.

Let's say, perhaps you're working on cultivating your natural intuition skills.

You want to see colors. You want to go on vision journeys or you want to speak to your loved ones on the other side.

You've been cultivating that and despite your efforts, you just can't see or you just can't hear or you just can't get in to it.

It's not that you're blocked, as most people explain this away to themselves as "My third eye's blocked."

No, not necessarily. It could be that you have a mental blind spot.

Everyone is born with different energetic affinities.

For some they have more of an affinity for clairaudience so they can hear energy better. For others they have clairvoyance. They're able to see visions easier.

For others there's the psychic cognition, the thoughts that come to them from the higher plane. Even phantom smells come naturally for some people.

The same way that some people are just born with a natural talent for playing the piano than others, they just have that natural talent or affinity and discover it through practice, is the same with energetic sensing and visioning.

It's not that you're blocked, it's just that you're not born with an affinity for seeing on that level.

It's cultivatable, but it's not your number one affinity or talent.

Additionally, you might be born with a blind spot, but also you may not have the vocabulary to describe and recognize that what's occurring is something spiritual or energetic happening right now.

A lack of vocabulary can also contribute to reinforcing or creating a blind spot for you -- but it's not a block.

2) Congestion. You're not blocked, instead there's a congestion gathered at the moment.

It's not that there's nothing happening. Instead, there's so much happening that you can't even handle it!

Let's talk about abundance.

Perhaps you've been saying to yourself lately: "I feel like I'm financially blocked."

No, it's actually more likely that you're financially and emotionally overloaded right now.

There could be so much going on in your abundance energy and your financial energy that you're just processing too much that it looks like it's blocked.

A good example of that is that you have a lot that you need to confront about your finances.

There's a ton going on there, but for fear, procrastination and emotion we're not engaging and working it out.


Know this: You are not #blocked. You're just #overwhelmed and #suffering from #tunnelvision. via @SenseiWhitfield


In all honesty, we're resistant to really being open and vulnerable, and to avoid that we create emotion and excuses which create congestion.

Self-sabotage slows you down so you don't have to confront your finances.

We associate more pain with being clear, and more pleasure with being comfortable.

Deciding that comfort is more important than being clear can really clog up your energy, by the way. And this leads into the third one that comes from the energy this week.

3) There's been a decision made.

We formulated a story or limiting belief, a self-limiting agreement with ourselves that "No way, no how, I am not comfortable with being vulnerable. I am not comfortable with crossing that terror barrier in my life."

For example when we're dealing with the unknown, trying something new like: "This person's doing some Reiki hoodoo voodoo on me. I don't know what the heck that is. I don't see it. I don't get it. I don't want it."

Somewhere in your mind there's this clear decision that's been made as a protective mental ring of fire around yourself  to cognitively protect from you experiencing whatever that new feeling or viewpoint may be.

You made that decision consciously or unconsciously to protect yourself, but it's also limiting you.

Honestly, this is the most frustrating because limiting beliefs are just decisions you made at the site of an old trauma in life.

On the bright side, once you realize you made that decision with yourself, you realize you created your prison and locked yourself inside but you have been holding on to the key the whole time -- that means you can let yourself out!

So, to summarize, there's the blind spot, the congestion or the decision instead of being blocked.

I'm hearing the oracle cards calling in the energy now...

By the way, this is an open discussion. I invite you to comment below, email me back at what's coming up for you on this topic?

If you were to replace that concept of being blocked with either having a blind spot, feeling like there's a congestion overload or a decision, does it feel softer?

This week's gorgeous oracle cards deck is Angel Answers by Doreen Virtue, and this deck in particular is a yes-no oracle, so the answers are very straightforward.

What we're going to ask the cards is simply: "Are you blocked?"


WOW! Talk about straightforward! Talk about validation. I feel the chills!

They're telling me to read the book on this one. Interesting. There are yes cards, by the way, in this deck, so this is definitely not a coincidence -- the angels want you to know that YOU ARE NOT BLOCKED.

Here's the reading:

The situation you have asked about it unlikely to occur as you are imagining it.

There may be a different version of events that will take place or it may be that what you've asked about is simply not in your highest, greatest good.

Place your focus on an alternative possibility. Open your eyes to different opportunities.

Be willing to experience a unique and more uplifting outcome than what you had planned for yourself.

This is where we're going to leave off this week.

If you're telling yourself the story that you are blocked remember this message from your angels: It is highly unlikely!

It is highly unlikely that you are blocked.

Instead you may have a blind spot to the energy that's flowing through you.

There may be so much going on that you're overloaded and you're just processing a lot of energy, more than you're used to processing.

Or you have made a decision inwardly that you are not going any further.

Whenever you start up with telling yourself negative stories, and apparently this week that's what you're going to do or you may be doing right now, "unblock" yourself by saying "IT'S UNLIKELY!"

It's unlikely.

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See you next time. Bye!

In Love and Light,



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