Love Letters | Your Joy Is Sacred

Have you been secretly feeling down and depressed lately?

Feeling like you've lost the joy you once had, or wish you had more?

Think that joy and feelings are irrelevant to your work?


Keeping up with the demands of professional life -- or "adulting" as I call it -- can really drain your joy sometimes.

Yes we have responsibilities, and yes it gets monotonous, but deep down, you know that right now there's more to life than being dull and grey.

Watch this week's 7-minute Love Letter video to find out the power of joy and how to rekindle yours!

"Today I want to do something that brings me joy."

Source wants you to know, this week in particular, that your joy is sacred.

Your joy, your happiness, your peace, how you feel, is sacred.

One of the most common things that I say here to all my students at the Dojo, is that "what matters most is how you feel"; but your joy in particular is sacred.

In the energy I'm seeing that in a previous video, we had covered that your joy is actually a way of protecting yourself. It's your vortex, right?

Being in your vortex keeps you energized -- and you're in it when you're feeling good.

When you're feeling joyful, it also keeps you open to new solutions and strategies for solving different issues that come through your life; also it does protect your heart and it protects your energy.

It's especially helpful when you're out in the world interacting with others, because sometimes news and things or issues at work can come up, or your family members or teammates may be having a challenge.

Your joy is sacred for protecting you from absorbing any of the healing journeys that they're on. Did you know that?

Joy is such a powerful thing to connect to, and especially when we are post-school-age.

So to all my students who are "studenting", awesome; but for those who are post being in school and you're now "adulting", as opposed to just "studenting" in your life right now, joy can become smaller and smaller and lesser and lesser.

The more we "adult" the more we get serious or monotonous, the more we curb our enthusiasm for life.

I'm using "adult" as a verb on purpose -- I was an English Major in college, so to all my grammarians out there, I know you're cringing, but I know what I'm doing, here ;).

Let me be direct with you --

What happened to your joy?

What happened to the things that made you come alive and inspired you, and made you want to be "frisky", as Abraham Hicks says, made you want to be mischievous or fun, sexy and silly?

What happened to your joy?

It energized you. It moved mountains in life so many times. When you've been joyful time flew and synchronicities came together, right?


Know this: Your #joy is #sacred. This week start each day by #visualizing things that bring you joy @SenseiWhitfield


Your joy is sacred.

Source in particular this week wants you to know that you joy is sacred, though, because it is contagious.

Your joy is contagious.

God, Goddess, the Holy Spirit, Source consciousness, the human spirit and human potential that is around us and within us desires for more joy and more happiness to be on the planet -- and it's got to start with you.

Your joy is sacred because you're the only one who can access it for you.

I'm hearing the Oracle cards calling in the energy on this, but it's important that in this week, you prioritize first and foremost that "Today I want to do something that brings me joy."

I want to hear in the comments what brings you joy.

You know me. I love bubbles, I love dancing, I love rainbows, glitter and emojis. Shiny things and playfulness. Those bring me joy.

These things bring me joy and light me up, and it's because of my joy practice that I have so much energy.

What I want to hear from you is how do you generate joy in your life?

What makes you joy-filled?

We're using the Healing with the Fairies oracle cards deck by Doreen Virtue.

Let's ask: "Fairies, what do we need to know right now about our joy?"


This is where we'll leave off for the week.

Your joy is sacred, and it's important that you visualize things that bring you joy.

I just heard it loud in the energy, like they yelled it in my ear --

Mindset. There's negative thoughts.

We've been beating ourselves up with the same old crusty self-doubt and worry, etc. patterns that we keep pummeling ourselves with in our minds.

This week in particular, I double-dog-dare you to visualize once a day something that brings you so much joy.

Try it at the beginning of the day because it'll set the tone for the day for more joy.

You will see how it will attract more joy throughout the day.

Comment below, post back, let me know how it goes, what did you find, and make sure you subscribe on YouTube so that you get your weekly love letters first.

I'm sending you so much love. I believe in you, and I'm sending you joyful energy. Bye. See you next week.

In Love and Light,



Just for Today...

Mind your mindset, strategically. 

When you feel fearful or anxious, decide to actively visualize something that brings you joy.
Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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