Love Letters | Your Passion Is Your Purpose

Wondering what you should be doing with your life?

Unsure if you are in the right career or business?

Wish you could just know your life purpose already?

Finding your purpose can seem like a confusing and mysterious endeavor, one which most people avoid because it appears intimidating.

But actually, you are closer to finding and living your purpose than you think right now.

Watch this week's 8-minute Love Letter to learn how to find your purpose, right under your nose!

"I really want to find what my purpose is in life."

The energy Source wants you to know that your passion is your purpose.

Your pleasure has purpose.

Many, many, many, many times I hear the Dojo, and people asking, "I really want to find what my purpose is in life. I'd really like to discover what should I be doing professionally, how do I switch careers into a career that better fits my personality," or they'll explain that, "I don't really feel like I'm in the right career. I don't really feel like I've declared the right major or that I'm with the right person."

Be kind to yourself. There is no such thing as coincidence. Nothing just happens.

There is a reason, a very beautiful and divine reason as to why you have certain passions about you and things that drive you, pull your attention, your passionate, creative energy throughout each day.

I'm hearing to tell you what creates pleasure in you creates life and expansion in the universe.

Pleasure is sacred to Source consciousness, and so the reason why we have certain things that we are passionate about, certain things that bring us pleasure, is for the expansion of universal life, for the energy of the engine of the universe.

Our pleasure and the things that drive us passionately give Her, Source consciousness, the ability to expand.

The way to find your purpose in any way in life, whether it's romantically, socially, personally, professionally, physically; the way to find that inspiration is first and foremost by connecting to your passion and things that bring you pleasure.


Know this: Your pleasure has #purpose. What brings you joy is not random. #motivation #healing


What does that mean? Some leading questions could be:

  • Where's the first place in Barnes & Noble that you always walk to, as soon as you walk in the store
  • Whenever you go on, what kind of books are you reaching for?
  • When you turn on the TV or when you go on YouTube, what are constantly watching? What draws you in?
  • What stores do you frequent when you are out?
  • Which subjects in school got your fired up?
  • What types of music are the ones that really got you going, got you emotional?
  • What's on your mind most of the day?
  • What are you thinking about or percolating about, or whenever this kind of discussion comes up, which one really turns you on?

When you are turned on, so is the universe.

I'm hearing the oracle cards calling in the energy right now to really encourage you on this self-exploration of your own pleasure paradigm because your pleasure, your passion is sacred.

It's absolutely important.

Source gave it to you on purpose because you are here to change, to bring expansion, to bring color to specifically what your passions are.

Your purpose expands out of them, so the deck is "Life Purpose Oracle Cards" deck by Doreen Virtue.

Let's see then, which card wants to come forward in the energy for us, around passion and purpose, really finding that and increasing that. Because the more purpose-driven your life is, the more passionate and pleasure filled, your life is more fulfilled you will feel, rather than feeling tired, uninspired, monotonous or predictable.

Support. Your life purpose fully supports you.

In the energy, this is where Source wants us to leave off this week.

No matter what your passion is, no matter what your gifting, your source of pleasure is, you're to trust and know that if you fully give your heart to it, your time, your investment of self and finances and energy, it will fully support you because you are designed because of your pleasure response to it, you are designed to go the distance.

"Calm down", Source says, "Come back to the present moment."

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In Love and Light,


Just for Today...

Make a list of things and activities that you are passionate about and bring you pleasure.
Don't judge if they seem frivolous, just write; and notice how they can enrich your career life.
Notice how you feel at that moment - you're already healing!

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