Thank You


You did it!

You’ve taken a leap of faith and committed to shifting your life in a BIG way this year by signing up for this challenge, and you need to take a moment to CELEBRATE! YAAAYYYYY!!!!   : ) Now, go check your inbox for a message from me with more details. I'll see you over there in a few minutes!


  1. Make sure to join our private Facebook Group! When the challenge is going live, you’ll receive an email each day of the challenge with instructions and worksheets, but the LIVE video trainings will take place in our Group. So make sure you get in and follow the welcome prompts! >>> CLICK HERE TO JOIN:
  2. Invite your peeps! When you join the group, you’ll see instructions for the ALIGNED ABUNDANCE CONTEST during the 5-day live challenge where you could win a 60-Minute Aligned Abundance Attunement Session with me just for inviting your sparkly-est friends to join us during our journey together! So keep track of all the people you join because you COULD be the next winner...
  3. Make sure these e-mails are going to your "Primary" Inbox so you don’t miss anything! There will be chances to win different juicy-juicy bonuses and goodies that you’d hate to miss out on, trust me. 😉
  4. Do something DELICIOUSLY vortexy for yourself TODAY to celebrate signing up – dance your buns off to your favorite tunes, buy yourself a dozen fabulous roses, get a deep tissue massage, bake yourself a rebirth (cup)cake and blow out the candle, or SLEEEEP late and luxuriously like a 10-year-old BOSS on Saturday morning – whatever makes you feel super super abundant and grounded, DO IT!