Meditation Tech of the Week: Extreme Gratitude

Meditation Tech of the Week:
Extreme Gratitude

Continuing our series on psychic self-defense tech, I'd like to take this week to discuss gratefulness.

Yes the holidays are over and yes Thanksgiving is in November, but believe it or not, being actively thankful is a powerful meditation tool. The reason why is because it immediately raises your vibration.

Feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and insecurity all have a very low vibration - slowing you down, making you feel heavier or even stagnant or blocked. Gratitude, when done in this way, can lift you out of a rut and get you back to "feeling like yourself" again.

To Practice Extreme Gratitude:

  1. Breathing into your belly, hold your right thumb finger and think of (or say aloud) something you are thankful for, then exhale
  2. On your next breath, hold your pointer finger and think/say another thing that you're grateful for or makes you happy, and continue doing this on all 10 fingers, and cycling from hand to hand
  3. Each item should be one person, place, thing or experience at a time. For example: instead of "my family" list each person (including pets!) by name one at a time, one per finger. Or another super beneficial example: instead of "my health" list every body part and organ by name one at a time, one per finger.
  4. The more specific you are and the longer you do this, the higher your vibration rises, and the deeper your meditative state and your breathing can become

I recommend setting a 5, 10 or 20 minute timer before you begin this exercise, so you can lose yourself in the process.

Fun fact: The finger holding technique comes from another system of natural healing called Jin Shin Jyutsu, and is mixed with gratitude meditation in this practice. This roots the affirmations into your body and deeply relaxes you through a minimalist acupressure massage.


Try it out right now, and Comment below!

Tell us how you feel before you begin, and then write how you feel afterwords.