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Victoria’s Most Popular and Requested Programs:

"Meditation: The 10-Minute Solution to Workplace Stress in 10 Minutes Or Less"

Do you often feel tired and emotionally exhausted after each dedicated day at work?

Back-to-back meetings and clients leaving you feeling mentally and even physically drained?

Tired of being overwhelmed and bogged down by stress and endless deadlines?

If you answered yes, then it’s time you considered Reiki Meditation as a safe, easy and natural way to keep you feeling mentally and emotionally clear at work. The benefits of regular Reiki Meditation are:

  • Increased work-life balance
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased productivity, creativity and focus
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Feeling energized and emotionally refreshed
  • Healthier digestion

In our fast-paced technological society, keeping up with workflow is increasingly prioritized over your health and wellbeing. As result, less and less professionals are taught to care, let alone be aware of how to manage their own emotions and energy levels during the workday, leading to chronic fatigue, anxiety, over-medication, weight gain and burnout.

However, studies show that even taking 5-10 minutes at work to recharge with meditation can increase your productivity. The health benefits of Reiki and Meditation are recognized by the Mayo Clinic, American Medical Association, and are now being covered by more insurance carriers, such as Cigna.

At this workshop, you will learn more about the science and philosophy behind stress, simple ways to meditate at work for yourself, and finally you’ll enjoy a live 10-minute demonstration of deep relaxation. Bring friends! It’s sure to be a treat.

Onsite Group Guided Meditation Demonstration

Stressed out?
Feeling mentally blocked or scattered?

Now’s a great time to start meditating!

Host Reiki Master Victoria Whitfield for a private 1-hour guided group meditation and sharing circle at your home or organization. Relax your way to health from the comfort of your own space!

Sensei Whitfield's approach to teaching meditation is accessible to all levels of meditation experience and all walks of life. Feel healing energy flow through you, and practice clearing the mind and body with colleagues, friends and family.

During this demonstration you will:

  • Learn about what is meditation and why it's beneficial
  • Overview of how to meditate
  • Relax for a deep, 20-minute guided meditation
  • Enjoy group Q&A with the Sensei, and share your stories

Not feeling as connected? Lacking synergy lately? Hosting a meditation demonstration is a great way to discover your potential and improve connection and communication in groups.

Release tension of the mind and body through the miracle of Reiki and meditation, and share the healing experience with your friends, family and colleagues. 

Watch Victoria in Action

This video is an excerpt from a presentation for the Gateway Association of Women Business Owners. Please raise the volume of your device or use headphones.

Victoria has been a featured presenter at the following organizations:

  • AT&T World Headquarters – Women of AT&T Network Meeting in Bedminster, NJ
  • AT&T Knightsbridge Corporate Office - Project i2i Network Meeting in Piscataway, NJ
  •  Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery – Women's Network Lunch & Learn in Linden, NJ
  • Gateway Association of Women Business Owners – Networking Meeting in Kenilworth, NJ
  • Genzyme, A Sanofi Adventis Company Fabry Disease Patient Meeting in Tarrytown, NY
  • Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss – Non-Profit; Grief Counselor Training in Westfield, NJ
  • Interweave Center for Wholistic Living – Non-Profit; Faculty Member, in Summit, NJ
  • Lord and Taylor Store – Charity Day Fundraiser In-Store Event in Westfield, NJ
  • BuyBuy Baby Store – Rock Your Registry Event for New Mothers in Paramus, NJ
  • Artemisia Store – Boutique Fair-Trade Gifts, Meditation Workshop in Cranford, NJ
  • Success Express Store – AA Recovery and Metaphysical Gifts, Meditation Workshops in Westfield, NJ
  • Evolve Restorative Therapy – Pain Management Meditation Workshop in Westfield, NJ
  • Hapi Yogi – Yoga Studio, Meditation Workshop in Westfield, NJ
  • Midwife for Your Life - Path to Finding Your Purpose Summit
  • Howard University Radio Voices on Sirius XM – Minding the Heart Talkshow

References: Victoria has presented on meditation at the following businesses on her national tour in 2016:

Thank you so much for your interest! Looking forward to sharing the joy of meditation with you soon.

For press and booking inquiries, contact Victoria directly at or call +1 (732) 903-8573.


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