Retreats @ The Dojo: Empowered Empath Retreat

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Psychic Self Defense Retreat

Saturday, February 28th 10:00am - 3:00pm


Are you an empath or an intuitive healer, and TIRED of feeling drained by other people’s chaotic energy?

Known as “The Strong One,” are you always the one that gives and gives in relationships, but often find yourself feeling used like a doormat—or even like a slave?

Wish you could feel safe, confident and powerful wherever you go, with a natural sense of ease and balance that is unshakeable?

If so, then this retreat is for YOU!

Unleash your Inner Spiritual Army of protection and confidence with Sensei Victoria Whitfield at her dojo during this intimate retreat intensive.

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Immerse yourself in a day of healing, relaxation and positive spiritual energy at the Dojo. At this retreat you will learn techniques Victoria personally uses for herself and for her loved ones for psychic self-protection, and also how to free yourself from any forms of spiritual bondage or attack, safely and with Love.



1) 5 Hours of Reiki, Channeled Guidance and Counseling with Sensei Victoria Whitfield (Value $500)

2) Discussion: Commander, Take Your Power Back (Value $100)

3) Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Deep Meditation: The Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience for Spirit Army Activation (Value $150)

4) Cleansing and Grounding Vegan Lunch with Live Juicing (Value $50)

5) Training in Advanced Spiritual Clearing Tech (Value $200)

6) Training in Angel Protection Magick: Archangel Michael (Value $200)

7) Training in L.O.V.E. Shielding for Psychic Vampires & Curses (Value $150)

8) Ample Time for Practice, Journaling and Sharing


Total Value = Over $1,300

But tickets for the day cost ONLY $147!

Why? Because I love you <3


Date: Saturday, February 28th

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm (5 hours)

Bring: Pictures, candles or statues of Archangel Michael or your Power Animal, Spirit Guide or God/dess of choice, a scarf, and a pen and pad for journaling.

Location: Sensei Victoria Whitfield’s Reiki Dojo at 523 Westfield Avenue, 3rd Floor, Westfield, NJ 07090 (In-person only)

Tickets: $147 Seekers, $97 Students -- $97 deposit required to reserve your space, due by February 25th. (Limited space; 10 person max).

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Register by 11:59pm Feb. 23rd & get the recording of this retreat for FREE!



  1. Hello Ms. Victoria! I am a Reiki master also,but I don’t practices I would like to know if you are going to be having any training in florida? please let me know I would love be in any training you might have. Helen Crawl

    1. Hi Helen!

      I train online regularly via Google Hangout and Skype, I don’t have anything scheduled in Florida, but if you have or know of a center that would host me, I would love to do a training down there.

      Also, I am working on providing the recordings of former training classes for purchase online, hopefully be the end of this year, so if you’d like me to add you to the Interest List, send me an email at

      Sending you all my love!!!

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