Retreats @ The Dojo | Sacred Mirrors: Love and Relationships Healing Blisswork 2016


Love & Relationships Healing Blisswork Retreat

Sunday, January 31st  2016   10:00am - 3:00pm

Are you ready to receive more love in 2016?

Want to let go of past disappointments and hurts so you can heal your love life?

Is this the year you want to raise the vibration of bliss, romance and fun in your life?

If so, then this retreat is for YOU!

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If you're reading this, then you've been burned in the past. And it was probably by someone you loved and trusted.

Perhaps you may have even been abused. Abuse can be verbal, emotional, mental, energetic, sexual, spiritual, physical, financial, social…

Since our past negative experiences were the norm for us, we come to expect people to abuse us now – our Subconscious projects the past on the present when certain triggers come up, creating pain from a normally “harmless” exchange…

Maybe your experience was so bad that it shaped and stunted the way that you look at everyone else. Take a look and see if you recognize some of your hidden beliefs:

baggage“Love hurts.”   “Trust no one.”   “All men are dogs.”   “All women are crazy.”   “Nobody loves me.”   “I’m afraid to be alone.”   “Everybody leaves me anyway.”   “Maybe I should just settle for less.”    “All the good ones are already taken.”   “They can’t handle the real me.”          “I can’t do any better than this.”    “I need someone to save me.”   “I need to fix her / him; then it’ll be perfect.”   “I’m too [fat, poor, busy, short, ugly, etc.] to be loved.”   "My parents are divorced / I am divorced, so I'll never find love that lasts."   "I don't receive the love I want, so I'll give all I’ve got to everyone and hope they recognize it."    “I can’t speak up for myself so I’ll wait until they figure out I’m not happy.”   “What’s the point? Why try?”   “I always end up alone.”   “Nobody wants me.”


Sound familiar?

If so, then you need to join us at this month's retreat, Love! <3


Singles and couples are equally welcome – but for those of you who are in a relationship, know this: you do NOT have to bring your partner to change your relationship. They don’t even have to know! Why?

Because it’s YOUR private healing journey. ONLY YOUR energy needs to be healed!

This day is about healing the parts of our spirit that were lost at the scenes of trauma and heartbreak in a safe, nonjudgmental and loving environment.

It’s time to get rid of that baggage that’s weighing you down.


  1. 5 Hours of Reiki & Channeled Guidance at The Dojo with Sensei Victoria Whitfield (Value $625)
  2. Discussion: We Are All Sacred Mirrors & The Healing Power of Divine Intimacy and Relationships (Value $150)
  3. Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Deep Meditation: The Holy Love Experience for Soul Retrieval and Interdimensional Heart Chakra Healing (Value $200)
  4. Cleansing & Grounding Vegan Lunch with Live Juicing (Value $50)
  5. Training in Identifying, Cultivating and Receiving R.E.A.L. Love (Value $150)
  6. Training in Microcosmic Orbit and Manifestation Magick for Attracting Love (Value $200)
  7. Training in Raising The Vibration of Your Sacred Temple with Spiritual Assertiveness and Blisswork (Value $200)
  8. Ample Time for Practice, Journaling and Sharing

Total Value = $1,575, but you pay less than $200 for the entire workshop!

Because I love ya! 😉




Date: Sunday, January 31st 2016

Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm (5 hours)

Bring: Dress to impress / for a romantic date (but clothes you can lounge in), 1 dozen roses or your favorite flowers, a candle to dedicate to Love and Joy, scarf or eye cover, pen and pad for journaling.

Location: Sensei Victoria Whitfield's Reiki Dojo at 922 South Avenue West, First Floor (Porch Right Door), Westfield, NJ 07090 (Free street parking. In-person only; no online attendance at this time. No-shoes facility; please bring socks.)

Tickets: NEW YEAR NEW YOU JANUARY SPECIAL $147 Earlybird (rec. by Jan. 15th), $197 Songbird (rec. by Jan. 27th) required to reserve your space -- prices go up to $197 / $247 starting February 1st 2016, so don't miss this chance to jumpstart your healing 2016! Sorry, no verbal or emailed RSVP's accepted because space is VERY limited: 10 person max; first come, first serve.



BRING A FRIEND BONUS. Register by 11:59pm with your friend on January 10th and get TWO Group Guided Meditation Class Passes FOR FREE -- A $40 VALUE!!!

(Please put "Friend of ..." in notes on your payment for tracking purposes.)

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