Success Stories: Tanya Crego

"I met Victoria at her meditation class in February of 2013. My cousin had been going to class and had been doing reiki for a while already and she constantly described to me how amazing she would feel afterwards.

About a year before I started going to class I had gone through a sudden tragedy – the untimely death of my husband and soulmate – that drastically changed my life... I became a shell of a person, had no energy, and barely left the house. I took a year off of work to find some type of peace so that I could move on.

It wasn't till I met Victoria that I realized it wasn't that easy and I needed to find peace for myself, not everyone else. I was always so worried about what people thought of me and just being strong because I was raised that way and didn't know any different.

I started going for weekly reiki sessions in May 2013... Meditation was such a great way to find peace and cleanse my mind, but after my first session of reiki I felt energized. I actually started working part time and although I would get anxiety, I used the techniques Victoria would give me in our reiki sessions to get through.

It was a roller coaster of emotions, but little by little I started to hang out with friends and a day of work wasn't so difficult. My family even saw how I had changed. I also started going to the gym and so far I've lost 25lbs. My outlook on my life had changed because first came me, then everyone else.

Also, I realized me in the physical world wasn't different from me in the spiritual world... it was all me... one in the same. Now I don't need to be at meditation class to tap into my inner thoughts, I can be at home or anywhere and even moreso when I am around nature.

After two months of working with Victoria I can say I am a happier person. My anxiety hasn't gone away... I know I will always have it, but now I know how to deal with it and most importantly that I am not alone in this.

If I could only take away one thing from reiki is that time does heal and I need to give myself that. I deserve it and am a better person when I don't restrict myself so much. I have goals and as long as I can see them and believe in them I know I will be okay. I would say the very same thing to someone who is feeling and experiencing right now the same things I was months ago. And also to remember to do it for yourself... be kind to yourself and you will find your way.

I would describe Victoria as a powerful source of enlightenment. She is an extremely diligent sensei and is very gentle, but is not afraid to be blunt. She knows what she is talking about and is very educated in energies and reiki, but never makes you feel inferior.

I have worked with therapists and the way that Victoria is different is that she shows you that you already have the tools to help yourself. She immediately sees you as family, but somehow doesn't take on your crosses or burdens. She assimilates herself to each person’s different needs.

I would recommend Victoria to anyone and have already. When anyone asks me what has helped me smile again I say my sensei Victoria. She has helped me find my independence and individuality and for that I am forever grateful... so recommending her is how I pay it forward!"

-  Tanya J. Crego after weekly Reiki sessions with Victoria for 2 months

(Video Interview Coming Soon)