Love Letters | You’re Already Worthy – Part 4 of 5

Do you secretly believe you’re still not good enough yet? Feeling like you’re always chasing the proverbial “carrot on a stick” in your personal or professional life? Constantly searching for the next certification or next “thing” that will finally make you accepted by others? The comparison monster is a nasty opponent, and it can eat […]

Love Letters | Sacred Containers

Struggling to manifest something BIG? Wondering what’s wrong with you, that it hasn’t happened yet? Or do you suspect that everyone else knows something you don’t know about manifesting abundance? Napoleon Hill artfully says: “Anything the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve!” But what happens when you’ve been thinking and thinking about what […]

Love Letters | Yes You Can

Are you really good at talking yourself out of things? Have you successfully mastered the fine arts of procrastination and self-sabotage? Getting ready to turn down a golden opportunity because it just seems “impossible”? Telling yourself that you can’t do something both stems from and feeds insecurity. Not only that, but we also say we […]

Love Letters | Feed Your Faith

Can’t seem to trust yourself? Having a hard time keeping the faith that Source will provide? Limiting beliefs got you down and steeped in “stinky thinking”? We want to stay positive and we want to accept the best, but to be honest, that sure takes energy! So what do you do when you’re out of […]