Love Letters | Technology Self Sabotage – Part 3 of 5

What are the symptoms of turning into a techno-zombie? Have you Become One with your Netflix and DVR accounts? Bit by the Email Timesuck Vampire AGAIN? There goes another three hours! FOMO or Fear of Missing Out has driven us as empathy and as entrepreneurs to be literally attached at the hip to our cellphones […]

Love Letters | Are You Too Busy?

Find yourself or others saying you’re too busy lately? Wondering why there’s never enough hours in the day? Wish you had more time but don’t know how to get it? The guides have a bit of tough love for you this week around stopping being “too busy.” And it actually doesn’t have to do with […]

Love Letters | I Don’t Have Time

Feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Can’t do the things you’d like to lately because you’re too busy? Worried that you’re missing out on enjoying life because time flies? Being busy is both a blessing and a curse. We work hard and give our all, but the price we pay is feeling […]