My First Book Now Available for Purchase

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive intuitive guidance for yourself? Wish that you could understand, or even pick up on, the signs and signals your spirit guides send? Or, are you already having paranormal experiences – communicating with angels, deceased loved ones or even your pets – but have a […]

Retreats @ The Dojo | Sacred Mirrors: Love and Relationships Healing Blisswork 2016

THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT Love & Relationships Healing Blisswork Retreat Sunday, January 31st  2016   10:00am – 3:00pm Are you ready to receive more love in 2016? Want to let go of past disappointments and hurts so you can heal your love life? Is this the year you want to raise the vibration of […]

Love Letters | Dreamwork 101

Wish you could remember your dreams? Ever wondered what it would be like to lucid dream, or to finally understand that recurring dream or nightmare you had? Want to get advice from your dreams, but don’t know where to start? Dreams are powerful guides to life; they hold the key to the infinite power of […]

Love Letters | Have You Let Yourself Go? #MLMM

Have You Let Yourself Go? Do you feel like you’re falling apart? Worried that something is “off” or that you’re in a “funk” these days? Struggling to get work or attract new customers and clients? There’s nothing wrong with you – you just need to show yourself More Love. One way you can shift your […]