Love Letters | Sorry Not Sorry – Part 2 of 5

Do you say “sorry” all the time? Are you apologizing for everything, mindlessly and automatically? Think that constantly apologizing makes you appear polite, safe or “nice” to others? Because empaths like us are exceptionally tuned in to emotional energy — especially that of fear, shame and aggression — we can adopt saying “sorry” often to […]

Love Letters | Beginning Deep Financial Healing – Part 1 of 4

Money stressing you out these days? Find yourself obsessing about getting more of it, since there’s never enough? Want the next era of your life to be a time of increasing financial health and abundance? Money is a touchy subject. Entrepreneurs, and especially holistic healers, get massively triggered by the topic of money, value and […]

Love Letters | Loving Your Spirit

Feeling indecisive, like you’re life lacks direction? Struggling to “find yourself” and feel like you belong? Wondering if you’ll ever get the clarity you seek? Indecision is a symptom of much deeper issues regarding your relationship with your own Spirit, aka your “spirituality.” And everyone has a sense of spirituality, especially skeptics and realists. Watch […]

Love Letters | Loving Your Body

Hate your body? Self-conscious about how you look? “Looking good” on the outside according to others, but secretly suffering emotionally on the inside? News flash: your body image distracts you from truly loving yourself. Image alone is not sufficient — you deserve deeper nourishment than that! Watch this week’s 12-minute Love Letter video to discover […]