Love Letters | Don’t Play Hard – Part 2 of 4

Do you work hard and play hard? And when you do, do you tend to overdo both? Feeling annoyed that you work hard all the time and find yourself having less and less fun in life? It seems that the minute we become adults that play loses its status as top-priority in day-to-day life. We […]

Love Letters | Find Your Tribe

Feeling alone on your healing journey? Tired of feeling like you’re the only one fighting the good fight lately? Frustrated that you can’t seem to do it all on your own anymore? Welcome to being human! It takes stamina to go the distance in realizing your goals and purpose, and the time has come for […]

Love Letters | What Are Energy Vampires and Etheric Cords?

Do you feel exhausted after talking to certain people and don’t know why? Annoyed how certain activities suck up way more of your time, yet leave you feeling like nothing much has actually gotten done? Frustrated that no matter how much you give at work or at your organization, the more they ask of you? There’s a […]