Love Letters | Don’t Play Hard – Part 2 of 4

Do you work hard and play hard? And when you do, do you tend to overdo both? Feeling annoyed that you work hard all the time and find yourself having less and less fun in life? It seems that the minute we become adults that play loses its status as top-priority in day-to-day life. We […]

Love Letters | Your Daily PRP’s – Part 1 of 4

Feeling cranky lately? Frustrated that you’re always on the go and never seem to feel “rested”? Find yourself daydreaming about sleeping in, quitting your job or even running away? Sounds like you’re exhausted from working too hard! And not just at work, but also at home, too… Watch this week’s 9-minute Love Letter video, the […]

Love Letters | Take Up Space, Unapologetically – Part 5 of 5

Scared to stand out and take up space? Shrinking yourself physically or emotionally to make others comfortable, or even for fear of being seen? Do you tend to “keep your mouth shut” around others, rather than speaking your mind openly? Our bodies are mirrors of our emotional health and mindset. So if you live with […]

Love Letters | Slow Down

Are you stressing yourself sick? Never-ending to do list got you feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like you’ve always got a million things going on, no matter how much you get done? Being productive can be very fulfilling to the inner Achiever in all of us. But what do we do when we are so busy that […]