Love Letters | Technology Self Sabotage – Part 3 of 5

What are the symptoms of turning into a techno-zombie? Have you Become One with your Netflix and DVR accounts? Bit by the Email Timesuck Vampire AGAIN? There goes another three hours! FOMO or Fear of Missing Out has driven us as empathy and as entrepreneurs to be literally attached at the hip to our cellphones […]

Shares @ The Dojo Livestream: My Healthy Mindset with Ma

Click PLAY to watch LIVE Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 2:00pm, or to watch the recording any time. My Healthy Mindset Change your mindset, change your life! Tired of being overweight, exhausted and chained to prescription medication? Join us! Tune in to learn how Jo-Anne┬álost 30lbs, transitioned off medication and achieved the best health of […]

Love Letters | No More Sucklers

Are you known as “the giver” and backbone of your family or team? Love sharing your art and work so much that you give it away for free more often than not? Though you love the feeling of giving, are you secretly worried that you’re being drained by what you love? Giving always feels good […]