Love Letters | Safety First

Are you scared to go to work? Secretly angry that everyone doesn’t take care of you like you take care of everyone around you? Do you hide the fact that deep down you actually expect others to *not* have your back behind always preparing for the “worst case scenario”? Feeling emotionally safe in life is […]

Love Letters | Feed Your Faith

Can’t seem to trust yourself? Having a hard time keeping the faith that Source will provide? Limiting beliefs got you down and steeped in “stinky thinking”? We want to stay positive and we want to accept the best, but to be honest, that sure takes energy! So what do you do when you’re out of […]

Love Letters | Knowledge Is Not Power

Have you lost track of how many certifications and degrees you’ve gotten, yet still feel like it’s not enough for what you want to do? Constantly reading more books and articles on personal development and happiness, and feeling frustrated that you still feel like you’re always starting at square one? Wondering when you’ll be prepared […]