Love Letters | Flirt with The World

Tired of the same old routine? Heavy news stories got you down? Find yourself fighting off loneliness and depression? You have WAY more power than you think, you Unicorn, you! Negative energy is nothing compared to your secret superpower — FLIRTING! Watch this week’s 9-minute love letter to shine you joyful light in an otherwise […]

Love Letters | What Is Love?

Frustrated by your love life? Wish you could attract your soulmate? Having a hard time receiving love from people close to you? One of the oldest pursuits in the human experience is the pursuit of love. Oddly enough however, when asked most people tend to have no idea what love actually is. Watch this week’s […]

Love Letters | Finding The Love in Your Loneliness

Feeling lonely lately? Frustrated because you feel alone in your problems? Longing for more love and companionship? Loneliness can actually be a Dark Gift from Spirit. A “Dark Gift” means the gift of learning and mindset shifts that come only through trials and experiencing difficulty. The feelings you have are in your heart for a […]