Love Letters | Feed Your Faith

Can’t seem to trust yourself? Having a hard time keeping the faith that Source will provide? Limiting beliefs got you down and steeped in “stinky thinking”? We want to stay positive and we want to accept the best, but to be honest, that sure takes energy! So what do you do when you’re out of […]

Love Letters | There Is No Such Thing as Coincidence

Weekly Reiki-infused video messages on how to create a more calm, clear and confident business and life you Love! CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Love Letters list and receive your FREE MP3 “Meditate in 5 Simple Steps” Make your meditations healing experiences in 5 simple steps with Sensei Victoria Whitfield in this easy and deeply relaxing 25-minute guided meditation – a […]

Love Letters | Unlocking Unlimited Abundance

Worried about your finances, and struggling to attract the abundance you desire? Thought you’d be farther along in life by now? Feeling like you’re still not “good enough” no matter how hard you try? Believe it or not, you are already living very abundantly. Yes, I know that sounds annoying to hear right now, but […]

October 2014 FREE Meditation Livestream

FREE Monthly Internet Meditation Livestream – TOMORROW at 7:00pm EST! Meditate from the comfort of your own laptop, iPad or smartphone device. Click the above video link to join me on Google Hangout On Air for a Group Guided Meditation and Reiki Share Tomorrow night’s meditation will focus on Harvest – receiving all the abundance […]