Love Letters | Don’t Play Hard – Part 2 of 4

Do you work hard and play hard? And when you do, do you tend to overdo both? Feeling annoyed that you work hard all the time and find yourself having less and less fun in life? It seems that the minute we become adults that play loses its status as top-priority in day-to-day life. We […]

Love Letters | Your Daily PRP’s – Part 1 of 4

Feeling cranky lately? Frustrated that you’re always on the go and never seem to feel “rested”? Find yourself daydreaming about sleeping in, quitting your job or even running away? Sounds like you’re exhausted from working too hard! And not just at work, but also at home, too… Watch this week’s 9-minute Love Letter video, the […]

Love Letters | Technique for Emotional Clearing with Archangel Michael

Do you suffer from chronic, free-floating anxiety? Stress and overwhelm draining your joy and ability to focus? Feeling emotionally “blocked” and wish there was a way to clear yourself? Carrying excessive emotional energy can be exhausting, and we often carry way more than we’re even conscious of; it especially shows up in how you feel […]