Love Letters | Mirroring

Know what others want but can’t figure out what you want? Are you a highly sensitive and/or empathic individual that keeps getting hijacked by negative energy? Want to improve your communication skills to win friends and influence people? Mirroring is the rapport-building act of mimicking what others around you are doing. When you do this […]

My First Book Now Available for Purchase

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive intuitive guidance for yourself? Wish that you could understand, or even pick up on, the signs and signals your spirit guides send? Or, are you already having paranormal experiences – communicating with angels, deceased loved ones or even your pets – but have a […]

Love Letters | Protect Your Joy – Part 2 of 2

Wondering exactly how you can create a happy, healthy life, sooner rather than later? Feeling anxious and unsafe, as if you’re constantly worried that other people or circumstances are going to steal your joy? Do you know that you need to have stronger boundaries to better protect your positive energy, but don’t know where to […]

Love Letters | What Are Energy Vampires and Etheric Cords?

Do you feel exhausted after talking to certain people and don’t know why? Annoyed how certain activities suck up way more of your time, yet leave you feeling like nothing much has actually gotten done? Frustrated that no matter how much you give at work or at your organization, the more they ask of you? There’s a […]