Love Letters | Take Up Space, Unapologetically – Part 5 of 5

Scared to stand out and take up space? Shrinking yourself physically or emotionally to make others comfortable, or even for fear of being seen? Do you tend to “keep your mouth shut” around others, rather than speaking your mind openly? Our bodies are mirrors of our emotional health and mindset. So if you live with […]

Love Letters | Why So Worried?

Are you a worry-wart? Do you believe that when you love someone, you should worry about them to show you care? Wish your life was less stressful? Worry has been said to be a negative form of prayer for something you don’t want. So why do we worry so much? Watch this week’s 10-minute Love Letter […]

Love Letters | Flower Power

Looking for an energy boost? Does the vibe of your home or office feel kinda drab and stagnant? Feeling like you could use a chakra tuneup or space clearing? Nature can have a really powerful healing affect on balancing and revitalizing our vital energy. When we feel “blocked” or “stuck” is when we need more […]