Love Letters | Mirroring

Know what others want but can’t figure out what you want? Are you a highly sensitive and/or empathic individual that keeps getting hijacked by negative energy? Want to improve your communication skills to win friends and influence people? Mirroring is the rapport-building act of mimicking what others around you are doing. When you do this […]

Love Letters | Dress for Pleasure

Struggling with boredom and fatigue? Nervous because you have a big event or presentation coming up? Is your wardrobe cluttered with old, torn or frumpy clothes that have been there, untouched, since the Stone Age? Your clothes are a daily opportunity to adorn and celebrate the sacred vessel that is your body. We lock key […]

Love Letters | Stop Speaking Your Mind

Are you “stuck in your head” often because you’re so stressed out and busy these days? Feeling frustrated that you’re not getting through to people, or that your loved ones, clients or colleagues aren’t quite connecting with you in the way you would like them to? Worried that when you talk no one hears you, […]