Love Letters | You’re Already Worthy – Part 4 of 5

Do you secretly believe you’re still not good enough yet? Feeling like you’re always chasing the proverbial “carrot on a stick” in your personal or professional life? Constantly searching for the next certification or next “thing” that will finally make you accepted by others? The comparison monster is a nasty opponent, and it can eat […]

Love Letters | Stop Speaking Your Mind

Are you “stuck in your head” often because you’re so stressed out and busy these days? Feeling frustrated that you’re not getting through to people, or that your loved ones, clients or colleagues aren’t quite connecting with you in the way you would like them to? Worried that when you talk no one hears you, […]

Love Letters | How to Meditate and Why You Should #MLMM

How to Meditate and Why You Should Convinced you can’t meditate? Have you tried and tried, but just can’t seem to quiet your mind or focus at all? Wondering what’s the point to this “meditation thing” anyway? Meditation is a powerful practice that can attract abundance of all kinds into your life very quickly. And […]