Love Letters | Restful Productivity – Part 3 of 4

Do you seldom feel truly rested? Is it hard for you to relax, because you secretly think it’s a waste of time? Wish you could increase your productivity and your wellness, instead of trading one for the other? Type-A personalities tend to have a hard time really resting and feeling relaxed because they’re wired to […]

Love Letters | Your Daily PRP’s – Part 1 of 4

Feeling cranky lately? Frustrated that you’re always on the go and never seem to feel “rested”? Find yourself daydreaming about sleeping in, quitting your job or even running away? Sounds like you’re exhausted from working too hard! And not just at work, but also at home, too… Watch this week’s 9-minute Love Letter video, the […]

Love Letters | Receiving Support – Financial Healing Part 4 of 4

Feeling like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders? Burning out because the more money you make, the more stress you pile on yourself? Can’t seem to figure out how to fix the financial mess you’re in, no matter how hard you try? It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to get caught up putting out fires […]

Love Letters | Strategic Self Care

Feel like there’s not enough You to go around?  Stressed about a big upcoming event or project? Worried that you’re about to burn out? You’re a busy bee, high achiever and get-it-done task master — awesome! But what if you’re better at working hard than playing hard? Watch this week’s 9-minute Love Letter video to […]